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Best Shopify Gift registry Apps

Updated : March 3, 2024 Reviewed By Mandy Oswold
AAA Gift Registry - Shopify App


( 31 )

Developed By : AAAeCommerce Inc

Free | Start from : $29

AAA Gift Registry: The Ultimate Gift List Solution for Your Shopify Store

AAA Gift Registry is a versatile and advanced app designed to help customers create personalized gift lists for weddings, birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions. With a user-friendly interface and seamless integration, this app allows customers to easily share their gift registries with friends and family, who can then purchase gifts directly from the list.

Key Features:

  • Create unlimited gift registries for various occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and holidays.
  • Easily share gift registries with friends and family members.
  • Collect more gifts by allowing friends and family to contribute to the registry.
  • 14-day free trial to test out the app before committing to a monthly subscription.
  • Responsive customer support team to address any questions or concerns promptly.

Artshiney:Jewelry Dropshipping - Shopify App


( 5 )

Developed By : artshiney

Free | Start from : $9

Artshiney: Your Ultimate Jewelry Dropshipping Solution

Artshiney is your go-to platform for seamless jewelry dropshipping services. As a reputable jewelry manufacturer, we offer a wide range of on-demand distribution services that sync effortlessly with your Shopify store. Our high-end factory provides DIY jewelry, finished pieces, and custom logo options for jewelry boxes to enhance your brand visibility and customer loyalty.

Key Features:

  • Easy integration with Shopify admin for convenient product syncing
  • Customizable jewelry options for personalized customer experiences
  • Exquisite product packaging to delight your customers
  • Regular updates with new hot finished jewelry and custom pieces
  • Flexible pricing plans, including a free option and premium features for enhanced gift box selections
MyRegistry Gift List Solution - Shopify App


( 8 )

Developed By :

Free | Start from : $40

Boost Sales with MyRegistry Gift List Solution for Shopify

MyRegistry Gift List Solution app is a powerful sales tool designed to help businesses capitalize on the gifting market. By offering shoppers a sharable and shoppable wishlist feature, this app enables customers to request products as gifts from your store, turning them into brand advocates. With a focus on year-round gifting occasions, from Birthdays to Holidays, this app can help increase profits and reduce returns, ultimately driving revenue growth for your store.

Key Features:

  • Easy installation with an “Add to Gift List” button on all product pages
  • Landing page for gift list management and easy gift purchasing
  • Personal dashboard for analyzing sign-ups, gifts added, and purchases made
  • Omnichannel solution available on MyRegistry’s Partner Portal
  • Scalable system with multi-store solutions for retailers of all sizes
Swym Gift Lists and Registries - Shopify App


( 7 )

Developed By : Swym Corporation

Free | Start from : $99

Swym Gift Lists and Registries: Engage Shoppers and Boost Sales

Swym Gift Lists and Registries is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to enhance customer engagement and increase sales. With a user-friendly interface and seamless integration with Shopify, this app allows shoppers to create and share personalized gift registries for any occasion.

Key Features:

  • Built for your business, directly usable within Shopify admin
  • Works with the latest themes for a seamless integration
  • Create and share multiple gift registries for Christmas and holidays
  • Track gifts and send personalized “thank-you” notes to gifters
  • Customizable actions to match your store’s branding
  • Incentivize gifters with special discounts
  • Protect shoppers’ privacy by hiding addresses during checkout
  • Get in-depth analytics on customer occasions
Gift Reggie: Gift Registry - Shopify App


( 181 )

Developed By : Modd Apps Inc.

Free | Start from : $40

Gift Reggie: Advanced Gift Registry App for Shopify

Grow your sales and reduce returns with Gift Reggie, the ultimate gift registry, wedding registry, and baby registry app for Shopify. Seamlessly integrated with your store, Gift Reggie allows customers to create gift lists and wishlists, inviting friends and family to contribute, all without any acquisition cost. With customizable options and dedicated support, Gift Reggie enhances your brand experience and boosts high-margin sales exponentially.

Key Features:

  • Create beautiful gift registries, gift lists, and wishlists
  • Perfect for baby shower registry, bridal registry, and general gift registration
  • Customizable customer and staff email notifications for gift registry actions
  • Multiple pricing plans to suit your needs and budget
  • User-friendly interface with seamless integration with Shopify
  • Supports multiple languages for versatile use
  • Responsive customer service for customization and coding adjustments
ShareCart ‑ Social Pay - Shopify App

( 7 )

Developed By : Petna Ventures, Inc.

Free | Start from : Free to install

ShareCart – Social Pay App for Shopify

ShareCart – Social Pay is a unique app designed by Petna Ventures, Inc. to enhance social sharing and payment options for Shopify users. Although not currently available on the Shopify App Store, you can contact Petna Ventures, Inc. for support and information about this innovative tool.

Key Features:

  • Facilitates social sharing and payment integration on Shopify stores
  • Built by Petna Ventures, Inc., a trusted developer with a 4.8 average rating
  • Over 7 years of experience in building apps for the Shopify App Store
  • Access resources such as a support portal, privacy policy, FAQ section, and tutorial
  • Provides app documentation for easy setup and use
We understand that picking the right Shopify app isn’t easy. Here are the top Shopify apps we discovered in our studies. We really hope you’ll find one of these perfect for your shop.

If you believe there’s a great app that should be on this list, please contact us via Contact Us Page. In the meantime, good luck with your growth!