Automated customer support Chatbot

 Take advantage of better customer relationships.  


An unmatched level of support

Help your team and customers achieve their goals faster by streamlining your customer service processes.

24/7 customer service

Provide consistent support across channels and let customers resolve issues as they see fit.

Resolve problems faster

Shorten the time it takes to resolve technical problems by using visuals and interactive forms.

Improve Productivity

Allow your team to focus on more challenging cases by automating repetitive questions.

It's your never-sleeping smart agent

Deskubots can provide 24/7 customer service.
Keep your customers happy even when you need a break.


Create your Deskubot today!

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Ensure your support team has everything they need

You can eliminate mundane tasks from your team by integrating Deskubots into your support strategy.

Boost their productivity by integrating an AI tool that helps them deliver well-balanced customer support.

Integrate DeskuBot with DeskuChat

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Automated chats account for all chats
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Improved LiveChat support



Through chats, collect tickets

You can integrate ChatBot with HelpDesk, Zendesk, Freshdesk, or any ticketing system you rely on. Easily collect customer queries through bots and manage them in your system of choice.

An integrated approach to customer service

There are multiple ways for customers to communicate with brands. Don’t let them down.

Support website visitors

You can add Chat Widget to your website in just a few simple steps and assist customers when browsing your site.

Platform integration

Automate customer communication by connecting Deskubot to your messaging platform.

Engage with Facebook users

Let users contact you via their preferred channel with a Deskubot on your Facebook fan page.


Support multiple languages

Chatbot responses can be created in different languages. Keep your clients informed at all times.

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