DeskuBots for Slack

Streamline office workflow with custom chatbots for Slack.


Focus on the things that matter by integrating a virtual team member

Automate repetitive tasks with multitasking chatbots, so you can focus on the things that matter most.


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Building a chatbot in Slack doesn’t require any programming skills. Create your conversation story using the drag-and-drop builder


Make your workflow more automated

Make your busy team more efficient by managing tasks, guiding new employees, and improving workflow.


Using the bot to onboard new employees

Make a bot that shows new employees the ropes.


Get context

You can view every conversation in context by linking archives to Users.


Learn from mistakes

Discover the weak points of DeskuBots so you can improve it.

Direct access to all the information you need in Slack

You can integrate Deskubots with your database, CRM, and marketing automation system.

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