ChatBot for Shopify

Improve your online presence on Shopify with integrating Deskubots for customer interaction.


Make the customer experience memorable

Delight your customers at every step of their shopping process by connecting DeskuBots


Present your products and services

Shorten the sale cycle, showcase your product by displaying shopping cards to your customers.

Speed up product search

You can guide your customers right there on your website so they can quickly find the products they are looking for.

The benefits of automating

Ecommerce user experiences are improved by chatbots. Keep customers coming back by building better relationships.


Maximize customer interactions

Your Shopify visitors will receive contextual chatbot greetings. Engage in chat, be charming, and increase the number of visitors to your website.


Support customers 24/7

Customer service requires a rapid response time. Using ChatBot, you will be able to address your customers' questions directly and around the clock.


Automate appointment scheduling

Show customers your reservation availability during the chat. Allow them to make appointments without having to make time-consuming phone calls.


Get customer feedbacks

Automate your Shopify store's satisfaction surveys. Get a better understanding of your customers' likes and dislikes.


Gather customer data

Segment customer information automatically through chats. Offer personalized shopping experiences based on the data collected.


Transfer data to your system

Send customer contact details from your ChatBot to your CRM system and email marketing software. Make use of them in your workflows.

Grow your Shopify sales

Your own Deskubots for Shopify is waiting

Deskubots is an all-in-one drag-and-drop no-code chatbot builder.

1. Build

What’s the point of coding? Use the Visual Builder to create your Shopify chatbot. Don’t worry about the heavy lifting.


2. Customize

You can customize the look and feel of your chatbot by using the Chat Widget configurator.

3. Connect

Create a chatbot for your online store in Shopify, and connect and interact with your customers in no time. 


4. Convert

Increase sales by supporting your customers in real-time

Integrate with your tech stack

A Shopify storefront requires jumping between different plugins. Integrate ChatBot with tools

You’re automating even more workflows with it.


Get ecommerce template for easy building

Are you new to chatbots? With our prebuilt template, you can get started right away. Create your Shopify chatbot faster by editing it.

Ecommerce Template

Your online sales will grow if you excel at customer experience

Start a free Deskubots trial and build your first chatbot today!