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Task automation

Automate the sales process with a standalone chatbot


Work in a team!

Add a smart assistant to your team to work more effectively


Scale without adding overhead

Boost your sales team's efforts with a smart chatbot.

Improve sales efficiency without increasing headcount by diversifying your lead generation strategy.

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Utilize your channels to the fullest extent possible

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Easily add Chat Widget to your website to make it easier for customers to contact you.

Connect with Facebook users

Put a chatbot on your Facebook fan page. Improve lead nurturing by chatting with more potential customers.


DeskuChat integration

When necessary, transfer customers to agents

As the first line of communication, chatbots do pretty well. Users can, however, be transferred to human agents when necessary to ensure they receive the assistance they require.

Simplify even more workflows



Get access to over 1,500 apps without writing a line of code.


No effort is required to exchange data between ChatBot and your web services.


Open API

Using the ChatBot platform, you can build your own integrations.

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