DeskuBots for LiveChat

Integrate AI scalability with human touch in your customer service.


Get in touch with your customers. Everywhere.

You can chat with your customers in real-time using LiveChat, a powerful customer service platform. Increase online sales by providing high-quality customer service.

Improve your customer service

Boost customer service with human expertise and AI efficiency. Customers will love your chatbot’s dynamic and personalized experience.


Welcome Chatbot

Greet your customers as soon as they 

FAQ chatbot

Use a chatbot to automate repetitive queries and let your customers self-serve.

Lead Generation

Increase lead capture. Automatically collect, segment, and qualify them.

Appointment chatbot

Schedule appointments and book reservations automatically.

Messaging with rich interactivity

Rich messages can be used to create engaging conversational experiences. Show off your products and engage your audience with attention-grabbing visuals.


Check out LiveChat in action. Now you can try it in ChatBot!

More than just automation

The DeskuBots platform opens up a new range of business opportunities.



Your ChatBot will take care of the boring and repetitive cases around the clock so you can focus on providing sterling customer service instead.



Streamline the buying process. A chatbot will suggest products, allow customers to add items to their carts, and track packages after ordering - all within the chat window.



Create engaging conversational experiences. Improve engagement and the flow of stories by combining visual elements and ChatBot actions.



Create unforgettable experiences with your brand by generating leads, gathering customer feedback, and promoting your best offers.

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