Get your customer experience right

It all starts with a little chat. Use Deskubots’ dynamic responses to make yours unique.


Ensure that customers have a positive experience

With Deskubots, you can delight customers at every step of their buying journey, from the first visit to the final purchase.


Use catchy visuals to add color to your chatbot conversations.


Card & Carousel

Become a magician

With DeskuBots, you can navigate, save, and control ongoing chats without a hitch.

Go to

Redirect users to another Story path to improve the conversation flow.


Use custom user lists to market to your customers.

Set attribute

Make your DeskuBots experience more personalized by gathering data upfront from your users.

A/B test

Verify the performance of up to five different flows.


Validate customer information during chats.


Maintain a human touch

Deskubots can be connected to LiveChat with a few clicks. Using LiveChat actions, you can help customers solve problems in the way they prefer.

Create ticket

Let customers create a ticket while chatting with your chatbot.

Transfer to LiveChat agent

Chat with a support agent whenever needed.

Tag chat

Filter out all your chats in the archives by categorizing them.

Transcript for LiveChat

Email chat transcripts to you and your customers.

Personalize chats

Personalize chats

Customize chatbot responses based on user data and criteria of your choosing. Filters help you navigate chats and guide conversations in the right direction.

You can count on fantastic service DeskuBots user experience