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7 Other Options for Email Teamwork Instead of Outlook Shared Mailbox

7 Other Options for Email Teamwork Instead of Outlook Shared Mailbox

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If you've been finding the Outlook Shared Mailbox a bit confining, you're not alone. Many team leaders like you have started to feel the pinch and are looking for more versatile solutions to manage their team's emails.

It's not that the Outlook Shared Mailbox is bad, rather it might not be broad enough to handle your growing needs.

In the following discourse, we'll explore seven other options that could potentially reimagine the way your team collaborates through email.

Who knows, by the end of this journey, you might just find the perfect fit for your team's unique requirements.

So, shall we get started?

Key Takeaways

  • Outlook Shared Mailbox has several challenges and disadvantages, including lack of automation and scalability, conversations getting lost, and spending more time fixing issues than responding to them.
  • There are several alternatives to Outlook Shared Mailbox, such as Help Scout, Hiver, Zoho Desk, Freshdesk, and Gorgias, each offering collaboration tools, automation capabilities, and scalability options.
  • Signs of outgrowing Outlook Shared Mailbox include regularly losing track of conversations, struggling to assess team productivity, and spending more time creating workarounds than responding to customer queries.
  • The best Outlook Shared Mailbox alternatives include Help Scout, Hiver, Zoho Desk, Freshdesk, and Gorgias, each offering specific features and capabilities to enhance email collaboration and team communication.

7 Outlook Shared Mailbox Alternatives for Email Collaboration

As you navigate the challenges of shared email collaboration, you may find that Outlook Shared Mailbox, while free and equipped with basic tools, falls short in automations and scalability, signaling a need for alternatives. The signs of outgrowing it can be as clear as conversations getting lost, spending more time fixing issues than responding to them, or simply needing a different solution.

That's where Outlook Shared Mailbox alternatives come in. Top contenders like Help Scout, Hiver, and Zoho Desk offer more expansive features for shared email. Help Scout, for instance, offers not only collaboration tools but also saved replies, workflows, and docs. It's also scalable, starting at $20/user per month, making it a great option for growing teams.

Hiver, another alternative, provides robust collaboration tools, productivity features, and reports at a starting price of $12/user per month. Additionally, Zoho Desk offers a shared inbox, automation, and integrations, with free plan options starting at $14/agent per month.

Why Consider Alternatives to Outlook Shared Mailbox?

If you're noticing lost conversations, a lack of clear team productivity, or simply feel the need for a different solution, it's time to consider alternatives to Outlook Shared Mailbox. While Outlook shared mailbox serves well to a certain extent, it has limited automation and reporting capacities. This can be a hindrance for growing teams needing a more robust solution for their email collaboration.

The signs of outgrowing the Outlook Shared Mailbox can be subtle but significant. Lost conversations can lead to missed opportunities, while unclear team productivity could be a symptom of a system not keeping up with your team's growth. Moreover, the mere feeling of needing a different solution is a sign in itself. It's your business intuition telling you that there's room for improvement.

Taking a leap towards alternatives to Outlook shared mailbox could open doors for more efficient email collaboration. Platforms like Help Scout, Hiver, and Zoho Desk offer a range of features from collaboration tools to productivity reports, each designed to streamline your team's communication process. It's all about finding the right fit for your team's unique needs.

Advantages and disadvantages of Outlook Shared Mailbox

Before you jump ship to a new platform, it's worth understanding the advantages and disadvantages that come with using the Outlook Shared Mailbox.

One major advantage of this shared mailbox is its cost-effectiveness. As an integral part of Outlook, it's free to use and leverages a familiar interface, making email collaboration a breeze for those already using Outlook.

But it's not all sunshine and rainbows. Despite its simplicity and ease of use, Outlook Shared Mailbox falls short in certain areas. It has limited automation and reporting capabilities, which could hinder your team's productivity in the long run. Plus, as your team grows, scalability might become an issue. You might notice conversations getting lost, or find it hard to gauge your team's productivity. These are signs that you might need to explore other options.

Signs you may have outgrown Outlook Shared Mailbox

You might be outgrowing Outlook Shared Mailbox if you're regularly losing track of conversations, struggling to assess your team's productivity, or spending more time creating workarounds than responding to customer queries. These are tell-tale signs you may have outgrown Outlook Shared Mailbox, suggesting that you might need a different solution for email collaboration.

If you're finding it hard to keep track of who's doing what and when, it's a clear indication that your current system mightn't be effective. When more than two people are using the shared mailbox, threads can become muddled and important emails may fall through the cracks.

Perhaps you're also finding that you're spending an inordinate amount of time creating fixes to compensate for the limitations of Outlook shared mailbox. If so, this is time that could be better spent on more productive tasks.

The 7 Best Outlook Shared Mailbox Alternatives

Let's dive into the seven best alternatives to Outlook Shared Mailbox that can significantly improve your team's email collaboration and productivity.

Firstly, Help Scout, a fantastic tool for customer service, offers a shared inbox where team members can easily manage and delegate emails.

Hiver is also an excellent choice for email collaboration. It seamlessly integrates with Gmail, turning it into a shared inbox for your team.

Thirdly, Zoho Desk offers an all-in-one customer service platform with its shared inbox feature. Freshdesk, a customer support software, also provides a shared inbox that helps to streamline team communication. Gorgias is another solution that specializes in customer service for e-commerce businesses.

Front is an inbox that uniquely blends email, apps, and teammates into a single view. It's ideal for teams that want to consolidate their communication channels.

Lastly, Helpwise is a shared inbox for teams that offers automation, collaboration features, and integration with popular apps.

These Outlook Shared Mailbox alternatives can enhance your team's productivity and ensure seamless Email Collaboration. Choose the best shared inbox that suits your team's needs and start improving your productivity today.

Help Scout

Shifting our focus to Help Scout, it's a standout tool offering internal notes and conversation assignments that greatly foster team collaboration. As a Help Scout alum, you'll appreciate the functionality and scalability of this platform. The Scouts shared inbox feature simplifies email management, making it easy for teams to stay organized and responsive.

Help Scouts take advantage of the tool's automation capabilities through workflows. This eliminates repetitive tasks, saving you valuable time. The saved replies feature enables quick and consistent responses to frequently asked questions, enhancing customer service efficiency.

A unique feature of Help Scout is Docs. This tool allows you to create a comprehensive knowledge base, a useful resource for your team and customers alike. The easy-to-use interface and starting price of $20/user per month make Help Scout an affordable and user-friendly alternative to Outlook Shared Mailbox.


Moving on to Hiver, it's worth noting that this tool is an extension for Gmail, offering added support functionality and collaboration features. It's a unique tool that allows seamless integration with your Gmail account, enabling you to maximize your email management capabilities.

Hiver provides collaboration tools such as internal notes and conversation assignment, which make your team's workflow more streamlined. It also offers a variety of productivity tools, including saved replies and basic automations, helping you to manage your emails more efficiently.

However, not all tools may suit everyone, and you might be searching for the best Hiver alternatives. In this case, you should look for shared inbox tools that offer similar features and benefits but may better meet your specific needs.

Email management software is continually evolving, with numerous alternatives available that provide similar features to Hiver. Some of these tools may even offer additional features or benefits that Hiver doesn't. So, while Hiver is a robust tool, it's always a good idea to explore other options to find the one that best fits your requirements.

Zoho Desk

While Hiver offers a host of features, you might find Zoho Desk, another top-rated shared inbox tool, more suitable for your team's unique needs. As one of the best Outlook shared mailbox alternatives, Zoho Desk provides robust email collaboration features that can streamline your workflows and enhance productivity.

Zoho Desk offers a shared inbox that promotes team collaboration, a unique feature that allows you to build a knowledge base, and live support capabilities for managing collaborative emails efficiently. These features can significantly enhance your team's ability to handle customer queries and issues.

The tool also comes equipped with automation features and satisfaction surveys, which can streamline your customer support processes and ensure high customer satisfaction levels. Moreover, Zoho Desk's seamless integration with other Zoho products can further enhance your business operations.

One of the crucial aspects that might sway your decision towards Zoho Desk is its cost-effectiveness. With plans starting at just $14 per agent per month, it's a suitable choice for small to medium-sized teams. Plus, you can access a free plan to explore Zoho Desk's basic features before deciding on a commitment.


Next on our list of Outlook shared mailbox alternatives is Freshdesk, a versatile Shared Inbox Software that not only offers a shared inbox for managing email, but also integrates your Facebook and Twitter conversations. This feature is particularly useful for companies that want to stay on top of their social media interactions as well as their email correspondence.

In addition to being a robust tool for email collaboration, Freshdesk also includes a knowledge base builder. This allows you to store important information and access it easily, which can be a real time-saver when dealing with frequent customer queries. And, if you need to speak to a customer directly, Freshdesk provides phone support options.

What sets Freshdesk apart is its affordability. It offers both free and paid plans, with prices starting at just $15 per agent per month. For those needing comprehensive support, Freshdesk provides omnichannel plans.


If your business is rooted in ecommerce, Gorgias could be your go-to alternative to Outlook's shared mailbox. This shared inbox tool specializes in helping teams manage their emails and offers a range of features tailored for your customer support needs.

One of the notable features of Gorgias is the use of internal notes, which allows teams to work more effectively by assigning tasks and leaving comments for specific team members. This feature enhances team collaboration and makes email management a breeze. It also includes email assignment capabilities, helping you assign emails to specific individuals based on their responsibilities.

Gorgias also comes with live chat, making it an excellent tool for teams needing immediate customer interaction. Its integration with platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce is perfect if you're already using these tools for your ecommerce operations.

Furthermore, Gorgias offers a knowledge base builder, a valuable tool for managing customer queries. This feature, along with the other management features, helps track team performance and improves task management.

In essence, Gorgias is a robust alternative for teams seeking a more specialized shared mailbox. It offers more than just basic shared inbox features, providing a comprehensive solution for your email collaboration needs.


Looking for a shared inbox that blends email management, team collaboration, and customer communication into a unified platform? Front might be the answer. It's not just an email client, but a full-fledged platform that supports live chat and integration with third-party tools.

The shared inbox functionality in Front is comprehensive and its advanced automation features can streamline your team's workflow.

However, while Front brings a lot to the table, it's not always the best fit for every team. That's why you need to consider the best Front alternatives.

These include Help Scout, Hiver, Zoho Desk, Freshdesk, and Helpwise. Each of these platforms offers unique features and advantages that might align better with your team's specific needs.

For instance, Help Scout is known for its robust reporting and analytics, while Hiver shines with its seamless Gmail integration. Zoho Desk and Freshdesk offer a wide array of features for customer support teams and Gorgias excels in ecommerce support. Lastly, Helpwise stands out with its simple and intuitive interface.


While platforms like Front and others have their merits, you might find that Helpwise, with its strong focus on collaboration and productivity, better suits your team's needs. As one of the leading Outlook shared mailbox alternatives, Helpwise emphasizes effective team communication. It offers collaboration features that ensure seamless interdepartmental conversations, creating a conducive environment for email collaboration.

Helpwise doesn't stop at collaboration; it also provides automation and analytics. These features enhance your team's productivity by reducing manual tasks and providing valuable insights into your team's performance. You're not just communicating more efficiently; you're also working smarter.

Moreover, Helpwise understands the importance of integrating with apps you already use. It offers seamless workflow management by integrating with popular apps. This flexibility keeps your workflow uninterrupted and your team productive.

Helpwise is also considerate of your budget. As a cost-effective shared inbox solution, Helpwise offers a free trial with affordable pricing plans. Here, you're not breaking the bank to achieve effective email collaboration.

Choosing the Right Shared Inbox for Your Team

Navigating through the sea of shared inbox tools can be overwhelming, but understanding your team's specific needs will help you zero in on the right choice. When choosing the right customer support, consider factors such as the size of your team, the volume of emails you handle, and the complexity of your workflow.

For teams using Gmail, options like Hiver or Gorgias might be suitable, offering seamless integration and robust features. If you're seeking Front alternatives for shared mailboxes, consider Zoho Desk or Help Scout. Both provide excellent collaborative tools and are easily scalable for growing teams.

Remember, the best shared inbox isn't necessarily the most popular or expensive one. It's the one that fits your team's specific requirements and workflow. Look for features that streamline your processes, improve collaboration, and enhance customer service.

Don't be afraid to take advantage of free trials or demos. They're a great way to test whether a tool delivers what it promises. Ultimately, the right shared inbox will elevate your team's productivity and ensure no customer email goes unnoticed. So, weigh your options carefully and make an informed decision.

Get Started Today

Now that you've explored your options and understood the nuances of choosing the right shared inbox, it's time to take action and get started with the best alternative for your team. Don't hesitate; the world of email collaboration is waiting for you to dive in.

Outlook shared mailbox alternatives offer a wide range of features that can aid in your team's productivity. Whether you choose Help Scout, Hiver, Zoho Desk, Freshdesk, Gorgias, Front, or Helpwise, you're taking a step towards better email management and more efficient workflows.

You've recognized the signs that you're outgrowing your current setup. Conversations are getting lost, and you're spending more time creating fixes than responding to questions. Now, it's time to address these issues head-on and embrace a solution that's designed for growth.


So, there you have it! You're now equipped with a list of powerful alternatives to Outlook Shared Mailbox. Whether it's Front or Helpwise, each tool has its unique strengths to streamline your team's email management.

It's time to enhance productivity and transform your email collaboration. Don't wait, start exploring these options, and find the perfect fit for your team today.

Good luck on your journey to improved email collaboration!