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Why Your Online Shop Needs Live Chat: 12 Best Tools

Why Your Online Shop Needs Live Chat: 12 Best Tools

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Imagine a bustling marketplace, filled with eager customers and busy vendors.

Now, translate that bustling energy to the digital world, where the marketplace is your website and the vendors are your support staff. That's where ecommerce live chat comes in.

It's the digital equivalent of having a friendly, helpful assistant on hand to answer any questions, soothe any concerns, and guide your customers towards the perfect purchase.

In the following discussion, you'll discover why this tool is essential for your online business and get a glimpse into the top 12 live chat tools that could be transforming your customer interactions very soon.

Are you prepared to enhance your ecommerce customer service game?

Key Takeaways

  • Ecommerce live chat enhances customer experience by providing immediate responses to inquiries and preventing customers from leaving the website.
  • It humanizes the online shopping experience, creating a more traditional shopping experience and building trust and a sense of community.
  • Ecommerce live chat revolutionizes customer service for online businesses, increasing customer engagement, improving sales, and building confidence in purchases.
  • It saves time for customers by providing immediate answers, streamlining operations, and preventing potential purchase hesitations.

Ecommerce Live Chat: Why You Need It + 12 Top Tools

If you're running an online business, integrating ecommerce live chat is a must-have tool that can revolutionize your customer service, offering immediate responses to customer inquiries and gaining valuable insights into their shopping behaviors. This real-time communication tool enhances the customer experience and boosts their confidence in making purchases.

Your customer support team can monitor ecommerce live chat tools, providing answers promptly and preventing customers from leaving your website in search of answers elsewhere. This is a major benefit of live chat, as it keeps potential buyers on your site, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Moreover, live chat for eCommerce isn't just about immediate responses. It's also about understanding your customer's needs, preferences, and behaviors. You can use the insights gained from chat interactions to refine your product offerings, improve your marketing strategies, and cater better to your customers' needs.

In a nutshell, ecommerce live chat tools can humanize your online store, making it more approachable and customer-friendly. So don't wait. Invest in this tool and watch your customer experience soar to new heights. Make sure your customers know they're valued and their queries matter.

What is Ecommerce Live Chat and Why Do You Need It?

Diving into the world of ecommerce, you might wonder what exactly live chat is and why it's considered an essential tool for your online business. Ecommerce live chat, typically powered by live chat software, is a real-time communication tool on your website. It allows customers to ask questions and receive immediate answers, enhancing their online shopping experience and promoting customer engagement.

Implementing live chat on your site does more than just answer inquiries. It builds confidence in purchases and prevents customers from leaving your site in search of answers elsewhere. This tool provides useful insights into customer behaviors, offering personalized support based on their needs and preferences.

Ecommerce businesses find live chat invaluable for gathering feedback for improvement. It humanizes the online shopping process, creating a traditional shopping experience and offers instant support from real people.

Your eCommerce business can't afford to miss out on this powerful tool. Live chat increases customer engagement, boosts sales, and improves customer satisfaction and retention. It's not just a feature; it's a necessity. Invest in live chat software today and give your customers the seamless shopping experience they deserve.

Save Time for Your Customers and Your Company

Building on the necessity of live chat in ecommerce, it's crucial to recognize how this tool saves significant time for both your customers and your company. An ecommerce live chat tool is more than just a convenient feature; it's a time-saving machine.

For your customers, it means getting immediate answers without disrupting their shopping experience. No longer do they need to drop what they're doing, make a call, or send an email and then wait for a response. Instead, your live chat agents are there, ready and waiting to assist. This not only saves time but also prevents potential purchase hesitations from forming.

For your company, it's a game-changer too. Imagine the productivity leap when your customer service team can assist multiple customers simultaneously. What's more, the data your live chat platform offers can help streamline operations and improve the overall customer experience.

Answer Customer Questions Before They Become Hesitations

Harnessing the power of live chat tools, you can proactively address your customers' queries before they even morph into doubts, fostering a seamless and confident shopping experience. Ecommerce live chat enables you to answer customer questions in real-time, eliminating potential obstacles in the buyer's journey. It's an effective way to ensure that online shoppers continue through your sales funnel without hesitation.

Live chat support plays a critical role in enhancing the overall shopping experiences. By providing immediate answers, it not only saves time for your customers but also prevents their questions from becoming reservations about your product or service. Support agents are equipped to tackle a wide range of inquiries, paving the way for a smoother, more pleasant shopping experience.

Moreover, live chat offers valuable insights into customer behavior, helping you identify common friction points in the shopping process. With this knowledge, you can make necessary adjustments to your online store, further improving the customer experience.

In essence, ecommerce live chat is a tool that allows you to anticipate and address your customers' needs, ensuring they feel confident and satisfied with their shopping decisions.

Keep Customer Communications on Brand

Maintaining a consistent tone in your customer communications is vital, and live chat tools can aid you in keeping your brand's voice steady across all interactions. Ecommerce live chat is a highly efficient way to ensure your customer communications stay on brand. It's not just about responding to inquiries; it's about integrating the brand's voice seamlessly into every interaction.

Top tools like Help Scout and LiveChat can help you provide consistent ecommerce customer service. They allow you to respond in a tone that matches your brand, ensuring authenticity and consistency. Live chat sessions offer an opportunity to carry on a continuous, on-brand conversation without disrupting the overall customer experience.

Moreover, live chat interactions are a goldmine of insights into customer behaviors and preferences. They can help you better align your brand with your customers' needs and expectations.

Gain Valuable Insights into Your Customers' Behaviors

Using ecommerce live chat tools, you can gain valuable insights into your customers' behaviors through real-time interactions. This live chat feature allows you to observe and analyze how customers navigate your ecommerce site, what prompts them to make a purchase, or what might be causing them to abandon their shopping cart.

But it's not just about monitoring. Integrating live chat into your ecommerce platform enables you to engage directly with your customers. You can ask them questions, clarify their doubts, and understand their needs better. This real-time feedback is invaluable and can be used to improve your products, services, and overall customer experience.

The insights into your customers obtained through live chat go beyond mere statistics. You can understand their buying habits, preferences, and pain points. You can identify common issues they face while shopping on your site and take steps to address them.

Moreover, live chat analytics can reveal patterns in customer behaviors. You can track these behaviors to predict future trends, making you better prepared to meet your customers' evolving needs. In essence, integrating live chat into your ecommerce strategy can give you a competitive edge by deepening your understanding of your customers.

Humanize Your Ecommerce Store

While gaining insights into your customers' behaviors is a significant advantage of live chat, another key benefit is its ability to humanize your ecommerce store. Implementing ecommerce live chat allows you to connect with customers on a personal level, creating a more traditional shopping experience. This connection can help build trust and foster a sense of community among your website visitors.

A friendly chat box can mimic the experience in physical stores, making your online store more relatable and less robotic. It's not just about answering queries—it's about creating a real-time, engaging live chat experience. This interaction makes your customers feel valued and acknowledged, which can lead to increased loyalty and repeat business.

Team members can have genuine conversations with customers, allowing for more authentic and meaningful customer interactions. Instead of receiving automated responses, customers get instant support from real people, which adds a human touch to the shopping process.

12 Top Ecommerce Live Chat Tools for 2022

Let's dive into the 12 top ecommerce live chat tools you should consider for 2022 to enhance your customer service and overall shopping experience. Implementing live chat on your website allows your customers to chat with a support member in real-time, providing instant answers to their inquiries.

Live Chat apps like Help Scout, LiveChat, and HelpCrunch are just a few top ecommerce live chat tools for 2022. These tools can significantly improve your eCommerce experience, providing valuable insights into customer behaviors, and offering immediate feedback after resolving client issues.

Using these tools can humanize your online store, giving it a more traditional shopping feel. It's an effective way to offer quick and efficient customer service, saving both you and your customers precious time.

More importantly, it can enhance customer engagement and retention, crucial aspects for any eCommerce brand's success.

Help Scout

When it comes to managing customer inquiries and support tickets, Help Scout is a go-to tool that offers a shared inbox for your team. This software is designed to streamline your ecommerce live chat, making it easier for agents to use and manage customer communication effectively.

Help Scout provides a platform for your support teams to collaboratively work on customer inquiries. This allows for a seamless flow of chat interactions, ensuring that no customer query is overlooked or delayed. Consequently, this could lead to an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty due to the efficient and prompt support service.

In addition to its live chat feature, Help Scout offers email ticketing and knowledge base management. This adds another layer of convenience for your team, allowing them to handle a variety of customer concerns in one central location.

Moreover, Help Scout includes reporting and analytics tools. This feature enables you to keep track of your customer support performance, identify areas for improvement, and develop strategies to enhance your overall customer service.

In essence, Help Scout can be a vital element in optimizing your ecommerce live chat service.


Shifting gears to LiveChat, this is a tool that revolutionizes the way your customer support team handles inquiries by offering real-time responses through a convenient pop-up chat window on your website. Considered as a leading ecommerce live chat tool, LiveChat is instrumental in redefining the online shopping experience for your customers.

LiveChat is an interactive chat widget that instantly connects your customer support team with your website visitors. It's not just about responding to inquiries, but also about proactively reaching out to customers, offering assistance, and answering questions even before they're asked. This proactive approach can significantly increase conversions, as it builds confidence in the shopper and makes them feel valued.

By using LiveChat, you're not just providing a platform for communication but also creating a personalized shopping experience. This can make all the difference in the increasingly competitive world of ecommerce. With LiveChat, you can guide your customers through their buying journey, quickly address their concerns, and close sales faster.

In a nutshell, LiveChat can take your customer support to the next level. It's a powerful tool that can transform your online shopping experience and help your business grow.


While LiveChat provides an exceptional real-time communication platform, another tool that's making waves in the ecommerce world is HelpCrunch. Known for its seamless integration with CRM systems and efficient customer support, HelpCrunch is an ecommerce live chat tool that enables you to engage with customers in real-time, right from the comfort of your website's chat window.

An essential part of HelpCrunch's appeal is its immediate responses to customer queries. It's an excellent way to enhance the experience of online shopping for your customers, while simultaneously humanizing your brand. HelpCrunch also offers features like queue management and canned responses, facilitating quick and effective communication.

Moreover, HelpCrunch employs AI-powered chatbots for those times when you can't be physically present to manage the chat window. This feature ensures that your customers' queries never go unanswered. And by reducing shopping cart abandonment rates, HelpCrunch helps boost your sales.

Using live chat tools like HelpCrunch, you can gather valuable insights into customer behavior while providing top-tier customer support. So, if you're looking to make a significant impact in the ecommerce world, HelpCrunch could be the tool for you.


Moving on to another impressive tool in the ecommerce world, Tidio offers real-time customer support and interaction for your online store. This ecommerce live chat tool is specifically designed to enhance the shopping experience for your customers. Tidio's chat allows for instant connection with your customers, answering their queries and solving issues on the spot. Offering live chat support gives your online business a human touch, making your customers feel valued and heard.

Additionally, Tidio doesn't just stop at customer interaction. It goes a step further by allowing you to track visitor behavior and chat history. This feature can assist you in understanding your customer's needs better and personalizing their shopping experience.

Tidio's capabilities also extend to its seamless integration with various CRM systems and help desks, ensuring that no customer query goes unanswered. And when it comes to routine questions, Tidio's chatbot has you covered. It efficiently handles common queries, freeing up your team to focus on more complex issues.

With Tidio, you're not just offering a live chat tool, but a comprehensive support system for your customers.


Just as Tidio brings a human touch to your ecommerce platform, Olark steps up the game by providing real-time customer interaction and support. When you're running an online business, efficient and effective communication is the key. Here's where Olark, an ecommerce live chat tool, shines. It allows your agents to interact with customers in real time, instantly addressing their concerns and helping them through their buying journey.

But Olark's benefits don't stop at just live chats. This robust tool keeps track of your visitors, providing you with valuable insights into customer behavior. It's like having your own online help desk; you're not just solving problems, you're also proactively identifying potential issues that could affect your sales.

Additionally, Olark integrates smoothly with your existing CRM systems, making it easier for your agents to provide personalized service. It's AI-powered chatbots ensure that your website never sleeps, offering 24/7 support to your customers.

In a nutshell, Olark doesn't just humanize your website, it optimizes it. By reducing shopping cart abandonment rates and increasing customer satisfaction, it benefits your bottom line. So, if you're serious about taking your ecommerce platform to the next level, Olark is definitely a tool to consider.


Stepping into the realm of AI-powered customer engagement, Intercom stands out as an exceptional ecommerce live chat tool that goes beyond the conventional. Intercom revolutionizes digital communication, providing you with a seamless chat experience within your app or website. This uniqueness is vital in an era where the personal touch is key to increase customer satisfaction.

Intercom's features allow you to automate and personalize your customer interactions. This means you can tailor your communication to each customer's needs, increasing the likelihood they'll make a purchase.

But it's not just about automation. Intercom also guarantees support from a real person when needed. This balance between AI and human interaction ensures you never lose that personal touch, a crucial factor in customer retention.

Moreover, Intercom offers multi-channel support across various platforms, integrating with your CRM systems and help desks for a comprehensive solution. This presence ensures your customers can reach you wherever they are, boosting their confidence in your brand.


While Intercom leverages AI for personalized customer engagement, ProProfs takes it a step further by offering robust live chat and customer support tools to enhance communication and gather valuable insights. Using live chat, you can humanize the ecommerce shopping experience, making it more engaging and personalized for your customers.

Not only does ProProfs offer live chat, but it also provides fast, effective responses to customer queries. The impact of live chat on your business can be immense, helping to significantly improve customer satisfaction. The benefit of live chat is that it allows for real-time interaction with your customers, giving you a better understanding of their needs and preferences.

Moreover, ProProfs' tools integrate seamlessly with CRM systems, providing a cost-effective customer support solution. The insights you gather can help you to identify trends and make data-driven decisions to enhance your customer support and overall business strategy.

The beauty of live chat is that it isn't just a communication tool; it's a powerful way to connect with your customers on a personal level. Live chat can help to foster a stronger relationship with your customers, ultimately leading to increased loyalty and repeat business.


Switching gears to Freshdesk, you'll find it's a powerful live chat tool that offers real-time support to your customers, enhancing their ecommerce experience. Freshdesk is more than just an ecommerce live chat tool. It's a comprehensive platform that allows you to meet your customers where they're most comfortable, and that's online.

With Freshdesk, you can provide better, faster, and more personalized support. It's built to handle any volume of customer inquiries, ensuring that no customer has already waited too long for a response. By providing real-time responses, you reduce the chances of a customer leaving your site due to unanswered questions or concerns, which can have a positive impact on sales.

Moreover, Freshdesk's features for monitoring and managing customer interactions help your support teams streamline their processes, improving both efficiency and customer satisfaction. You can keep track of all customer interactions, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

In a nutshell, Freshdesk takes your ecommerce live chat to a new level. It empowers your team to provide top-notch customer support, which in turn fosters customer loyalty and boosts sales. All in all, it's a win-win for your ecommerce business.


If you're seeking a live chat tool that enhances customer support and offers real-time communication, LiveAgent is worth your consideration. As a prominent player in the ecommerce live chat arena, LiveAgent aids you in providing exceptional support, swiftly addressing customer inquiries.

This tool is designed with best practices in mind, infusing your ecommerce platform with a chat box that seamlessly integrates with your CRM. This allows you to offer personalized experiences to your customers, a proven method to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

LiveAgent's real-time communication not only ushers in a human touch to your online store but also enables you to understand customer behavior more accurately. This understanding, in turn, helps you tailor your services to better meet customer expectations.

What's more, LiveAgent can help reduce support costs by streamlining your customer service processes. It improves efficiency, ensuring that no customer query goes unanswered.

In a nutshell, LiveAgent arms your business with a powerful tool that can transform your customer support, enhance real-time communication, and ultimately elevate your ecommerce experience.


Consider Chaport as your solution for a live chat tool on your ecommerce website. This tool is an excellent choice, especially for small businesses and independent eCommerce ventures aiming to enhance their customer support.

Chaport's intuitive interface allows you to proactively reach out to customers, answer their inquiries in real time, and provide the support they need when they need it.

The magic of this ecommerce live chat tool lies in its ability to humanize your online store. With Chaport, you're not just dealing with faceless transactions; you're building relationships with your customers, understanding their needs, and providing personalized solutions.

Chaport also helps reduce shopping cart abandonment rates. It ensures that customers' queries are addressed promptly, making their shopping experience smoother and more enjoyable. Additionally, the tool integrates seamlessly with your CRM systems and help desks, allowing for a streamlined customer support process.


While Chaport humanizes your online store, Zendesk, another powerful ecommerce live chat tool, takes customer interaction to a whole new level by offering multichannel support. This platform not only includes a top-tier ecommerce live chat option but also extends its services to phone calls, emails, and social media interactions. This multichannel approach ensures that none of your customers' queries go unanswered.

With Zendesk, you can significantly improve your response times, which are crucial in the fast-paced ecommerce world. Quick and efficient customer support can make the difference between a successful sale and shopping cart abandonment. The tool's seamless integration with your CRM system and help desk allows for a smooth flow of customer data, ensuring that you're always up-to-date with your customers' needs and preferences.

Moreover, Zendesk's advanced features offer insights into browsing behavior and chat history. This valuable information can guide you in making data-driven decisions to enhance your customers' shopping experience. And for routine queries? Zendesk's AI-powered chatbots have you covered. They handle common questions, freeing up your human agents to focus on more complex issues.

With Zendesk, you're not just offering customer support – you're creating a superior shopping experience.


Moving on to Crisp, it's another impactful ecommerce live chat tool that revolutionizes customer support by providing real-time assistance and gathering crucial customer feedback. This chat is a crucial part of the ecommerce experience, bridging the gap between customers and businesses.

Crisp offers great customer service features, allowing your team to handle multiple chats simultaneously, thus enhancing efficiency and productivity. It's also known for its straightforward interface, making it user-friendly for both your team and customers. With Crisp, you can easily manage all your customer queries in one place, ensuring no customer is left behind.

Moreover, Crisp allows you to personalize your responses, making your customers feel valued. This feature is key in building a loyal customer base and improving your brand image.

One of the standout features of Crisp is its ability to gather and analyze customer feedback. This feature enables you to understand your customers better and make necessary adjustments to meet their needs and expectations.

To get a better understanding of how Crisp can enhance your customer service, you can Book a demo. This demo will provide you with a comprehensive overview of its features and how it can revolutionize your ecommerce live chat experience.

Improve Your Ecommerce Customer Experience

To elevate your ecommerce customer experience, it's crucial to effectively utilize live chat tools. Ecommerce live chat is your secret weapon to not only keeping customers on your site but also turning browsers into buyers. It allows you to reach out to customers in real-time, answering their queries and guiding them through their purchase journey.

The beauty of live chat is that it gives a human touch to your online store, replicating the traditional shopping experience that many customers still crave. It allows you to guide customers, offering them advice and recommendations that can lead to increased customer satisfaction and ultimately, increased sales.

But it's not just about sales. Ecommerce live chat also provides you with invaluable insights into your customers' behaviors and needs. It's an opportunity to gather feedback and learn how you can further improve your ecommerce customer experience. It's cost-efficient, reducing support costs while enhancing customer satisfaction and retention.

Live chat isn't just a tool, it's a game-changer. So make sure you're using it to its full potential. It could be the difference between a one-time customer and a loyal repeat shopper.

Get Started

Now that you understand the importance of ecommerce live chat, let's dive into how you can get started using this vital tool.

First, you'll need to choose one from the 12 top tools available. They can range from Help Scout, LiveChat, to HelpCrunch. Each has unique features, so you'll want to select the one that best meets your needs.

Once you've selected your tool, you'll need to install it on your website. Most tools offer simple installation processes, often as straightforward as copying and pasting a code into your website's backend.

Then, you'll want to train your customer service team on how to use the tool effectively. This includes understanding how to respond to customer inquiries promptly and professionally, and how to use the tool's features to understand customer behavior.

How Do Live Chat Tools Ensure Data Security for Online Shops?

Live chat tools play a pivotal role in online shops by enabling instant communication with customers. However, the importance of security features cannot be overlooked. These tools ensure data security through encrypted messages, secure connections, and strict access controls, protecting sensitive customer information from unauthorized access and cyber threats.


So, are you ready to revolutionize your ecommerce experience?

With live chat, you'll save time, answer customer questions promptly, and maintain brand consistency.

Tools like Zendesk and Crisp can help you get started.

Remember, it's not just about meeting customer needs, it's about exceeding their expectations.

Make live chat a part of your strategy today and watch your business grow tomorrow!