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8 Tools of Customer Success Software to Help Grow

8 Tools of Customer Success Software to Help Grow

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Imagine you're navigating the choppy waters of customer retention, trying to prevent the ship of your business from sinking into the sea of competition.

It's a tough job, isn't it? To ease your journey, customer success software can act as your compass, guiding you in the right direction.

These tools not only help in retaining your existing customers but also in acquiring new ones, thus fostering business growth.

In the next few sections, we'll explore eight such tools that could potentially be your lifeboat in these turbulent waters.

Wondering how these tools can redefine your customer success strategy? Well, hold onto your curiosity as we're about to set sail.

Key Takeaways

  • Customer success management and customer success software are crucial for building holistic relationships with customers and enhancing their experience.
  • Customer success software tools offer features such as customer dashboards, communication management tools, and feedback collection tools to improve customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Tools like Help Scout, ChurnZero, Planhat, HubSpot, Totango, Custify, SmartKarrot, and Gainsight provide real-time insights into customer health, streamline customer interactions, and offer automation capabilities.
  • When choosing customer success software, it is important to prioritize features that align with business needs, encourage proactive engagement, and provide analytics for better decision-making.

8 Customer Success Software Tools to Encourage Growth

To truly fuel your business growth, you need to consider leveraging one of the top eight customer success software tools that not only provide a unified strategy for customer success management but also offer key features such as customer dashboards and communication management tools. These tools are designed to streamline your customer success operations, providing a real-time view of your customer interactions.

If you're a SaaS business struggling to retain customers, these tools could be your saving grace. They collect and consolidate customer data, enhancing the visibility of your customer journey and helping you identify opportunities for improvement. Features like customer dashboards provide a comprehensive view of your customers' behavior, while communication management tools ensure a seamless and consistent customer experience.

Moreover, these customer success software tools aren't just about customer satisfaction (CSAT), they're about revenue growth. By automating tasks and enhancing customer relationships, you can encourage growth and increase customer loyalty. Remember, a satisfied customer isn't only likely to stick around, but also to promote your business to others. So, don't underestimate the power of investing in the right customer success software. It's a win-win situation for both you and your customers.

The Importance of Customer Success Management

Understanding the importance of customer success management can't be overstated, as it not only forms the backbone of a unified customer success strategy but also ensures holistic relationships with your customers. It's a critical element that encourages growth and drives your business forward.

Customer success managers play a pivotal role. They partner with customers during onboarding, monitor touch points, and manage interactions. Their goal is to understand your customers' needs and expectations, and ensure they're met. This is where customer success software tools come into play. These tools aid customer success teams in managing relationships, tracking customer health, and predicting churn.

The right customer success software tools can help you streamline processes, reduce customer churn, and increase upsells and cross-sells. All these factors contribute to business growth and customer loyalty. Furthermore, they provide valuable insights into your customers' behavior, enabling you to make informed decisions.

What is Customer Success Software?

In essence, customer success software is a powerful tool that aggregates and analyses customer data, giving a holistic view of your clientele and their interactions with your business. It's a customer success platform designed to help businesses manage their customer interactions more effectively.

By using customer success tools, you can better understand how your customers interact with your products or services. This insight can help you enhance the customer experience, leading to increased engagement and loyalty. These tools can also identify potential problems before they escalate, enabling you to proactively address any issues and improve customer satisfaction.

Customer success software can help you track customer behavior and identify trends, giving you invaluable insight into your customers' needs and preferences. This data can be used to personalize your services and enhance your customer relationships, leading to more successful outcomes for both you and your customers.

In a competitive market, businesses need every advantage they can get. By leveraging the power of customer success software, you can gain a deeper understanding of your customers and provide them with a superior experience. This not only improves customer satisfaction but also drives growth and profitability for your business.

Benefits of Using Customer Success Software

Harnessing the power of customer success software can catapult your business to new heights, providing a plethora of benefits that will enhance your customer relationships and improve your bottom line.

One of the key benefits of using customer success software is the increased visibility it offers into your customer's journey. This clear view allows you to anticipate needs, improve customer retention, and reduce churn.

Customer success software tools also provide real-time indicators of customer health, enabling you to identify struggling customers promptly. By doing so, you're not just waiting for issues to arise, but proactively addressing potential problems, thereby fostering stronger customer relationships.

Moreover, these tools encourage growth by boosting efficiency through automation. Time-consuming tasks can be automated, freeing up your team to focus on strategic initiatives that drive growth. Additionally, the comprehensive view of customers that these platforms provide helps manage relationships more effectively.

Key Features of Customer Success Systems

Diving into the key features of customer success systems, you'll find tools designed to give a comprehensive view of your customers, facilitate two-way communication, create and manage educational content, provide self-service support channels, and collect and analyze customer feedback. These elements are crucial when selecting customer success software options for your business.

Customer dashboards, one of the key features, offer a holistic view of your clients. They track customer interactions, purchases, and behavior. This data provides invaluable insight into tailoring your products and services to meet your customers' needs.

Communication management tools are another critical feature. Most customer success solutions incorporate these tools, allowing seamless two-way conversations with your clients. Whether it's through emails, chats, or calls, effective communication builds stronger relationships.

Content creation and management tools allow for the production of educational materials. These resources help customers understand your offerings better, leading to improved engagement.

Self-service channels like knowledge bases empower customers, enabling them to find answers without direct interaction.

Lastly, feedback collection and analysis tools are integral to any customer success software platform. They give you a clear picture of your customers' satisfaction, helping you to enhance your offerings and foster growth.

The 8 Best Customer Success Software Tools for Growth and Retention

To boost your business growth and customer retention, let's delve into the top eight customer success software tools that can revolutionize your customer relationship management strategy. These tools offer key features such as customer health scores, product adoption metrics, and automation capabilities to enhance customer engagement and reduce churn.

The best customer success software provides real-time indicators of customer health, giving you insights into your client's journey and enabling you to make data-driven decisions. This is crucial for SaaS Customer Success, as it allows you to proactively address issues and foster a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

These customer success software tools also allow for increased visibility into your customer's activities, helping you understand their behavior and preferences. This understanding can lead to personalized engagement strategies and streamlined operations, positively impacting customer retention and business growth.

Help Scout

Imagine streamlining your customer communication with Help Scout, a customer success software that enhances customer interaction through a shared inbox, personalized customer profiles, and a proactive communication tool called Beacon.

This customer service software is more than a communication tool; it's a platform that helps you create a knowledge base to support your CS reps and provide excellent customer service.

Help Scout's shared inbox feature centralizes customer communication, enabling your team to manage and respond to customer inquiries efficiently. Personalized customer profiles provide a detailed picture of your customers, allowing for more targeted and personalized interactions.

The unique feature of Help Scout is Beacon, a powerful tool to engage with customers proactively. Beacon allows you to reach out to customers with targeted messaging, enhancing your customer support and making your interaction more effective.

Investing in Help Scout means prioritizing customer success. It's about streamlining communication, creating a rich knowledge base, and proactively engaging with customers. This way, you're not just reacting to customer inquiries – you're anticipating them, which is the hallmark of excellent customer service.

Use Help Scout to empower your CS reps and drive your business growth.


Focusing on customer retention and expansion, ChurnZero emerges as a potent customer success software tool that diligently works to prevent customer churn. It's an effective instrument in your customer success game, strategically designed to reduce customer churn by providing real-time insights into customer usage data.

ChurnZero's Command Center feature offers you a comprehensive view of your customer's behavior. It allows you to track and measure crucial metrics, from product usage to interaction history. This detailed, data-driven approach helps you to understand your customer better, enabling you to proactively target efforts based on customer metrics and usage.

Beyond just data, ChurnZero excels in facilitating communication. Its Success Centers and WalkThroughs enhance engagement with customers, making product onboarding a breeze. The integration with platforms like Help Scout further improves contact visibility, ensuring no customer interaction slips through the net.

In essence, ChurnZero isn't merely a tool; it's a partner, arming you with the right resources and insights to significantly reduce customer churn. By employing ChurnZero as your chosen customer success software, you're not just investing in a tool, you're investing in your customer's success and, in turn, your business's growth.


While ChurnZero equips you with the means to significantly reduce customer churn, Planhat steps in to centralize your customer data and streamline management, paving the way for a holistic approach to customer success. As one of the leading Customer Success Software Solutions, Planhat is a platform that helps businesses manage customer relationships in a more efficient and effective manner.

Planhat is a customer success software designed to provide a comprehensive view of your customer interactions. With its integrations to various customer engagement and automation platforms, it consolidates customer data to provide a clear view of product usage. This tool provides insights that empower you to make proactive decisions.

The platform also comes with a robust customer communications platform. This feature enables you to develop a more personalized and meaningful relationship with your customers. The software allows for the creation of customer health scores and alerts, further helping you in proactive management.

Lastly, Planhat's customizable reporting dashboards and customer portals enhance your ability to track and measure success. It's not just a tool, but a complete solution that streamlines and enhances the overall customer success process. Planhat is indeed a must-consider in your search for the ideal customer success software.


Turning our attention to HubSpot, this platform offers a suite of customer success tools designed to effectively manage relationships and provide a comprehensive view of customer data and interactions. Prominently known as the HubSpot Service Hub, it's a game-changer for businesses aiming to scale customer success.

Built as a powerful customer management software, its features include proactive customer support, real-time indicators of customer health, and integration support for a comprehensive customer view. The HubSpot Service Hub goes beyond just resolving customer inquiries. It helps in identifying struggling customers, allowing you to intervene in a timely manner to avoid churn.

The functionality of this Customer Success Software is instrumental for SaaS businesses. It not only helps you maintain a pulse on your customer base but also ensures you're consistently delivering value to them. By providing a 360-degree view of customer interactions, it empowers you to make informed decisions, promoting customer satisfaction and loyalty.


In the realm of customer success software, Totango emerges as a robust tool, offering real-time insights into customer health, equipping businesses with proactive engagement capabilities, and providing a structured framework for orchestrating effective customer journeys. This platform allows you to track and interpret customer behavior, aiding in the identification of risks and opportunities.

As a SaaS platform, Totango offers flexibility and scalability. It's designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, reducing operational disruption while ensuring a consistent, high-quality customer experience. It's not just about understanding your customers, but also about engaging them effectively.

Totango's customer journey templates provide a blueprint for success, guiding you on how to interact with customers at every stage. These templates ensure you're not just reacting to customer behavior, but proactively driving it. By using Totango, you're not merely managing customer relationships; you're fostering growth.

Choosing Totango as your Customer Success Software gives you control over your customer engagement strategies. It provides the data and tools necessary to understand, engage, and grow your customer base. With Totango, you're not leaving customer success to chance; you're strategically driving it.


Ever wondered how to get all your crucial client data on a single page? Custify, a leading customer success software, might just be the answer. This software designed specifically for SaaS organizations, simplifies the process of gathering all customer data. With Custify, you gain a comprehensive view of your customers, making it easier to manage and improve relationships.

Custify helps businesses manage their customer success efforts seamlessly by providing crucial insights into customer behavior. This is critical in understanding how your customers are using your product or service, and where there might be opportunities for growth. By using customer success software like Custify, you can quickly identify potential issues and take proactive steps to address them, thereby improving customer retention and driving growth.

In a nutshell, if your aim is to optimize customer success operations, Custify is a tool worth considering. Its user-friendly design, along with its capacity to provide a holistic view of your customers, makes it a top choice amongst customer success software. So, leverage the power of Custify today and take your customer success operations to the next level.


While Custify is an excellent tool for customer success management, there's another software that deserves your attention: SmartKarrot. This highly rated customer success software offers a comprehensive view of customer interactions, behaviors, and preferences. It's not just a product or service, but a platform that includes several powerful automation and analytics tools.

SmartKarrot provides businesses with invaluable insights to inform strategic decision-making. It's designed to enhance the quality of your customer relationships, optimizing onboarding experiences and focusing on improving customer retention. This translates to more satisfied customers, reduced churn, and increased revenue.

The software manages the entire customer lifecycle, from acquisition to loyalty. It enables you to streamline operations, freeing up time for you to focus on growth and enhancement of customer experiences.

SmartKarrot goes beyond typical customer success software. It offers the ability to predict customer behavior, allowing you to proactively address potential issues before they become problems. If you're seeking a tool that not only manages but also anticipates customer needs, SmartKarrot is worth considering. It's a game-changer in the realm of customer success software.


If you're looking for a tool that provides real-time insights into your customer's health, Gainsight might just be the perfect fit for your business. This robust Customer Success Software offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to prioritize customer engagement and satisfaction.

Gainsight's dashboard or profile page presents a clear picture of your customer's journey, illuminating areas where your team can proactively engage to enhance customer relationships. It offers community-building tools and a framework for optimizing customer touchpoints, resulting in a more personalized customer experience.

The platform's data analytics tools are crucial for understanding customer behavior and identifying growth opportunities. It efficiently integrates with your existing CRMs, ensuring seamless data transfer and facilitating more accurate and efficient decision-making.

One of the standout features of Gainsight is its revenue management for subscription-based businesses. This feature helps you track, analyze, and manage your recurring revenue, helping your business maintain a steady growth trajectory.

Tips for Choosing the Best Software for Customer Success

Having explored the detailed features of Gainsight, you might be wondering how to decide on the best customer success software for your own business. Here are some tips for choosing the best software for customer success.

Firstly, map out your business needs. Identify what's most important to you in terms of software features. A platform that allows you to easily track and analyze your company's activity is crucial. From managing customer interactions to predicting future trends, the right customer success software can make all the difference.

Secondly, consider best practices. Look for a solution that encourages proactive engagement, as this is key to customer retention. The ability to use customer success software to monitor customer sentiment and identify struggling customers can greatly enhance your customer success strategy.

Lastly, don't forget to test before you invest. Most software vendors offer trials or demos. Use this opportunity to ensure the software meets your needs and is user-friendly.

Outline Your Customer Success Goals and Objectives

To elevate your business growth, it's crucial to outline and define clear customer success goals and objectives using customer success software. This software serves as a robust tool in your management arsenal, assisting in unifying your strategies and ensuring your customers' holistic relationships are well-maintained.

By deploying such tools, you can better understand your customers' needs, preferences and their interaction with your business. The software's capability to monitor touchpoints provides valuable insights into your customers' behavior, helping you to make proactive decisions and provide tailored support.

Moreover, the use of customer success software allows you to stay organized. It offers a comprehensive view of your customer base, simplifying your task of tracking and managing customer relationships. With these tools, you can quickly identify potential issues, streamline communication, and make informed decisions that align with your outlined goals and objectives.

Decide Which Features Align Best with Those Goals

After outlining your customer success goals and objectives, it's crucial to decide on the software features that best align with these targets. Not all features provided by Customer Success Software will be pertinent to your operations. Thus, it's important to discern which features will contribute most effectively towards achieving your goals.

To encourage growth, focus on software tools that streamline operations and automate tasks. These features should align best with your company's growth targets. They'll free up valuable time and resources, allowing your team to concentrate on strategic initiatives.

Moreover, prioritize features that provide insights into customer behavior and preferences. These will equip you with the analytical tools necessary to understand your customers better, leading to improved service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Your selection of features should also enhance customer relationships. Choose software tools that foster communication and interaction, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Consider the Cost

When it comes to investing in a customer success management software, it's essential to weigh the costs against the potential benefits and return on investment for your business. Paid plans start at a variety of price points, but you must examine what each plan offers. Remember, a higher price doesn't always guarantee a superior product.

The software should provide a comprehensive service, enabling businesses to track customer engagement and satisfaction effectively. Look for early warning systems within the software tools. These can alert you to potential issues before they escalate, saving your business time, money, and reputation. Make sure the software's cost aligns with its ability to identify these crucial signals.

Carefully consider the cost of training your team to use the software. An overly complex system might've hidden costs in terms of productivity and employee frustration. It's a balancing act – you want a sophisticated, comprehensive system, but it has to be user-friendly.

Investing in customer success software is a strategic move. By weighing the costs and benefits meticulously, you can choose a tool that encourages growth and boosts your return on investment.

Try Them Out

Before settling on a customer success software, it's crucial that you take advantage of any free trials or demos offered. These trials give you firsthand experience of how the software integrates with your existing tech stack. You'll be able to test features like project management, relationship management, and more.

Customer success software provides tools for robust reporting and analytics, and a free trial allows you to evaluate these features. You can assess the software's ability to generate actionable insights from your customer data. It's important to ensure that the software offers comprehensive reporting capabilities to help you strategically plan for growth.

Furthermore, during the trial, pay attention to the software's usability. It should be easy to navigate and intuitive. Remember, a solution that's difficult to use may lead to a decrease in productivity and user adoption.

How Can Customer Success Software Help in Implementing Customer Success Plan Templates?

Customer success software is a valuable tool for streamlining the customer success plan templates usage process. It provides a centralized platform for creating, managing, and implementing templates, ensuring consistency and efficiency in customer success strategies. With this software, companies can better track customer progress and tailor their approach to individual needs.

Get Started with Customer Success Software

Ready to take the leap?

Integrating customer success software into your business operations can significantly boost your relationship management efforts, providing a consolidated, comprehensive view of your customers and their needs. This tool is a game-changer—it helps you gather and analyze critical data, enabling you to understand your customers' behavior, preferences, and needs better.

To get started with customer success software, it's crucial to choose the best product that aligns with your specific business needs. Look for a service that offers robust features—like data analytics, customer segmentation, and predictive insights. These features will empower you to proactively support your customers, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty.


In conclusion, investing in customer success software can be game-changing for your business. It's not just about reducing churn, but fostering growth, loyalty, and satisfaction.

Remember, the best tool is one that fits your goals, budget and passes your trial run. So, don't hesitate, start exploring these software options today and take your customer success management to the next level.

Your business growth and customer retention will thank you.