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8 Firms Known for Great Customer Service and Useful Advice

8 Firms Known for Great Customer Service and Useful Advice

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While an incredible product can pique interest, it's often exceptional customer service that fosters loyalty. You've likely experienced this firsthand, whether savoring a complimentary sample at Trader Joe's or enjoying the extra legroom on a JetBlue flight. These companies, among others, have set the gold standard in customer service, transforming simple transactions into memorable experiences.

In the following, we'll explore these industry leaders in detail and, most importantly, uncover the strategies they employ. By the end, you'll be equipped with actionable insights to enhance your own customer service, leaving no stone unturned in your quest for unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Shall we begin?

Key Takeaways

  • Exceptional customer service is characterized by unwavering dedication, proactive anticipation of customer needs, and playing a key role in the entire customer journey.
  • Exceptional customer service enhances the overall customer experience, generates positive referrals and fosters long-term loyalty, and directly impacts business growth and brand image.
  • Strategies for delivering exceptional customer service include prioritizing customer-centric policies, hiring empathetic individuals, empowering the team with thorough onboarding and continuous training, involving the support team in decision-making, and constantly striving for improvement.
  • Specific practices for exceptional customer service involve crafting customer-centric policies, hiring empathetic problem-solvers, providing thorough onboarding and continuous training, using intuitive customer service software, emphasizing collaboration within the team, tailoring strategies to industry needs, personalizing products and services, engaging with customers regularly, and fostering a culture of autonomy and trust among employees.

8 Companies with Exceptional Customer Service + Helpful Tips

Let's dive into some companies renowned for their exceptional customer service, like Trader Joe's and JetBlue, and explore actionable tips your business can use to emulate their success. These companies are shining customer service examples, setting the standard for others in their respective industries.

Trader Joe's, one of the best customer service companies, is known for its customer-centric policies. They don't just hire employees; they hire empathetic problem-solvers committed to providing exceptional service. You too can foster such customer relationships by hiring personnel who genuinely care about customer satisfaction and are equipped to resolve issues proactively.

JetBlue's approach is unique; they aim to bring humanity back to air travel. This means surprising customers with rewards and going above and beyond their expectations. You can mirror this by integrating unexpected perks for your customers, making them feel valued and appreciated.

StudioPress, another example, empowers customers with active support forums and content strategy, enabling them to solve their own problems. You can implement this by providing resources that your customers can turn to for self-resolution of issues.

These companies show that exceptional service isn't just about solving problems; it's about delighting customers every step of the way.

What is exceptional customer service?

Building on the examples set by Trader Joe's, JetBlue, and StudioPress, it's essential to understand what exceptional customer service truly entails.

Exceptional customer service is an unwavering dedication to providing the highest level of product or service. It's about treating every customer with the same level of service regardless of their circumstances.

So, what's exceptional customer service? It's doing anything and everything within your power to deliver exceptional service. Companies with exceptional customer service, like the ones we've highlighted, understand this principle. They strive to play a key role in the entire customer journey, delighting and engaging customers in new and exciting ways.

Here's a helpful tip: shift from being reactive to taking proactive action. This helps improve customer relationships and sets your business apart. Exceptional customer service isn't just about responding to issues; it's about anticipating needs and exceeding expectations.

Why is exceptional customer service important?

Why does exceptional customer service hold such significance, you might ask? Well, it's because exceptional customer service is the bedrock of a remarkable customer experience. It's not just about solving problems; it's about creating a cohesive, delightful journey that starts with a proactive approach to building relationships and continues with engaging customers in innovative ways.

But why is exceptional customer service important beyond the customer experience? It's a potent revenue generator. Companies with a high customer service rating see a direct impact on their bottom line. Exceptional customer service fosters long-term loyalty and leads to positive referrals, both crucial for driving business growth.

Moreover, it's about reputation. Businesses with exceptional customer service stand out in the crowd. They attract new customers and build a robust brand image. These companies prioritize their employees and customers, constantly go above and beyond, and empower their teams to forge strong emotional engagement.

In essence, exceptional customer service isn't just an added bonus—it's a necessity. It's the foundation of your brand, the face of your company, and the key to long-term success.

The 8 best customer service companies

Now that we've explored the importance of exceptional customer service, let's take a look at some companies that truly excel in this area.

Trader Joe's, for instance, is a customer service company that places a premium on both employees and customers, offering outstanding benefits and service.

Rackspace, known for their premium solutions, gives 'fanatical support' to customers, embodying best practices by going the extra mile. The Ritz-Carlton stands out with personalized service, sourcing specialized products, and empowering employees to create strong emotional engagement.

Wistia, another exceptional customer service company, is celebrated for their incredible support, adaptability, and decision-making skills. Their overall support quality is a benchmark for other firms.

Lastly, CVS goes beyond its role as a pharmacy with services like the Good Samaritan Van, making value-based decisions that resonate with consumers.

These companies not only provide exceptional customer service but also set the standard, demonstrating that great service is more than just a business strategy – it's a philosophy. By following their lead, your company too can reach new heights in customer satisfaction.

Trader Joe's

Diving into the world of Trader Joe's, you'll find a unique, carefully curated product selection that sets the supermarket chain apart in the realm of customer service. This is more than a store – it's an experience. The friendly, laid-back atmosphere is immediately noticeable. It's part of what makes shopping here different.

The customer service team at Trader Joe's is unlike any other. They're engaging, knowledgeable, and always ready to help. They're there to guide you through the aisles, introduce you to new products, and ensure you have an excellent customer service experience. This is part of why customers keep coming back.

And let's not forget the innovative food items. Trader Joe's is known for high-quality products at a great value. They're constantly introducing new and exciting options to keep you interested. Customers feel like they're on a treasure hunt, never knowing what they'll discover next.

In a world where excellent customer service is key, Trader Joe's stands out. They've found a way to make grocery shopping enjoyable, and it all starts with their commitment to customer satisfaction.


In the realm of exceptional customer service, Rackspace truly shines with its 'fanatical support', consistently going the extra mile to ensure every customer's needs are met and surpassed. Among companies known for delivering top-notch service, Rackspace stands out, providing premium solutions and unforgettable experiences.

The support team at Rackspace is dedicated to delivering personalized and proactive customer support. They're not just resolving issues; they're anticipating your needs and addressing them before they become problems. This commitment to excellent customer service is embedded in their 'fanatical support' philosophy.

But they don't stop there. Rackspace's employees are known for going beyond the call of duty in unique ways. Remember the time they ordered pizza for a hungry customer during a troubleshooting session? It's this kind of exceptional service that sets Rackspace apart.


When it comes to delivering personalized, high-quality service and creating strong emotional engagement, Ritz-Carlton truly sets the bar high. This leading player in the hospitality industry has set a standard for exceptional customer service that's hard to match.

The secret to Ritz-Carlton's success is its commitment to making its customers happy by providing a memorable experience. Every detail, from sourcing specialized products to ensuring every customer's needs are met, is meticulously handled. This attention to detail results in a customer experience that justifies Ritz-Carlton's premium price points.

You're not just a guest at Ritz-Carlton; you're part of the Ritz-Carlton family. Here, employees are empowered to create strong emotional engagement with customers. This approach has allowed Ritz-Carlton to relate to customers across generations, ensuring its continued relevance in the ever-changing hospitality landscape.

Ritz-Carlton's unwavering commitment to listening to customer feedback and consistently using customer advocacy language has established its legendary reputation. So, if you're looking to improve your service, Ritz-Carlton's strategies are worth emulating. Remember, the key is to always strive for exceptional customer service and create memorable experiences for your customers.


Shifting our focus to Wistia, you'll find an exceptional example of a company celebrated for its outstanding customer service and strategic decision-making, always aiming to uphold the highest standards of support quality. This organization believes that great customer service is more than just problem-solving; it's about fostering customer happiness and building lasting relationships.

Wistia's support teams aren't just responsive, they're proactive. They anticipate customer needs and challenges before they arise. This superior customer service means that they don't just react to problems, but prevent them from happening in the first place. This approach ensures a smooth user experience, making customers feel valued and respected.

Moreover, Wistia's strategic decision-making comes into play in their commitment to continually improving their services based on customer feedback. They understand that customer happiness is a journey, not a destination. As such, they're always on the lookout for innovative ways to enhance their customers' experiences.


Just like Wistia, CVS also places great emphasis on customer service, but they extend their efforts beyond their primary role as a pharmacy. They're one of the companies that have integrated exceptional customer service as a core value in their business model. This means that the customers receive top-notch services that transcend the traditional scope of a pharmacy.

CVS is known for making value-based decisions, which are all geared towards ensuring you, the customer, are satisfied. The provision of services like the Good Samaritan Van is a testament to their commitment to the community. This is one way they go above and beyond to deliver exceptional customer service, which sets them apart from other companies.

Moreover, CVS plays a key role in the entire customer journey. From the moment you walk into their stores or visit their website, to the point of purchase and even after, they ensure that you're well taken care of. Their dedication to customer service is unwavering, proving that they not only sell products, but they also sell an experience – a testament to their exceptional customer service.


Another company that stands out for its remarkable customer service is Buffer, a social media management platform that has placed customer happiness at the center of their business model. They've built a dedicated support team called the Happiness Team, comprised of highly trained customer service reps. This small team focuses on providing personalized support, ensuring that each customer's needs are treated as unique and important.

Buffer's customer service reps don't just wait for problems to solve; they proactively seek customer feedback to find out how they can improve. They're responsive and eager to assist, resolving issues swiftly and effectively.

You, as a customer, are encouraged to approach them with any questions or concerns you have. They're committed to helping you in the quickest and best way possible, understanding the importance of prompt and efficient service in building positive relationships.

Buffer knows the power of word-of-mouth and positive referrals, and they work hard to earn them. Their focus on customer happiness isn't just a business strategy; it's an ethos embedded in every interaction.


On the flight to exceptional customer service, JetBlue stands out with its unwavering commitment to bringing humanity back to air travel. They've built a culture rooted in respect, trust, and open communication, making sure to put their customers first in every situation. This customer-centric approach doesn't only result in happy customers, but also in happy employees.

Great customer service doesn't end at the gate. JetBlue goes the extra mile to engage and delight their customers in new ways. From surprising customers with gifts and mid-flight games to offering free flights for medical personnel and supplies during crises, JetBlue proves time and again that they're more than just an airline. They're a company that cares.


Navigating to the realm of active support forums and content strategy, StudioPress stands out by empowering their customers with the right tools and resources for self-sufficiency. As one of the leading SaaS companies, they've built a reputation on their exceptional customer service approach, placing an emphasis on education and autonomy.

You'll find a wealth of blog content and tutorials designed to help you tackle common issues without the need for direct technical support. This not only boosts your confidence but also frees up their support team to focus on more complex queries. By guiding you in solving your own problems, StudioPress is essentially investing in its customer base.

Their approach to customer service isn't just reactive; it's proactive. They don't just wait for issues to arise, they provide you with the tools to prevent them. And if you do hit a snag, their team is there to provide the necessary support, ensuring that your experience is as smooth as possible.

In the realm of SaaS companies, StudioPress's commitment to empowering customers sets them apart, making them a shining example of exceptional customer service.

How to deliver exceptional customer service

To deliver exceptional customer service, start by prioritizing customer-centric policies and hiring empathetic individuals equipped with problem-solving skills. It's crucial to create an environment where customer needs come first. This involves shaping policies that make customers feel valued and understood.

Next, focus on your hiring criteria. Look for people who are naturally empathetic, as they're more likely to understand and address customer concerns effectively. They should also be problem-solvers because issues are inevitable in any business.

Don't forget to empower your team. Exceptional customer service doesn't happen by chance. It's the result of thorough onboarding and continuous training. Equip your staff with the tools and knowledge they need to deliver exceptional customer service.

Remember, your support team is on the front lines. They should have a say in decisions that affect them and the customers they serve. Use balanced metrics to assess their performance and make necessary adjustments.

Above all, maintaining exceptional customer service means constantly striving for improvement. Learn from your successes and failures, and always look for ways to enhance your customers' experiences. That's how to deliver exceptional customer service.

Create customer-centric policies

Now that we've covered the importance of exceptional customer service, let's tackle your first step: crafting clear, customer-centric policies. These policies are essential as they put your customers' needs and satisfaction at the forefront. As you create these policies, ensure that your support leaders have a say in the decision-making process. They'll help advocate for policies that truly serve your customers.

Balanced metrics are vital in assessing support performance. They align customer feedback with your company's policies, ensuring you're always meeting customer needs. But remember, it's not just about the policies. You must also hire empathetic problem-solvers with high emotional intelligence. These individuals can truly embody your customer-centric policies.

Then, empower your team. Provide thorough onboarding, product-specific knowledge, and intuitive customer service software. This empowers them to deliver exceptional customer service that aligns with your customer-centric policies.

Hire empathetic problem-solvers

When building your customer service team, it's essential to hire empathetic problem-solvers who can truly understand and effectively address customer concerns. Getting the right people on board is crucial to ensure the best handling of customer inquiries.

Look for team members who demonstrate emotional intelligence as they're more likely to empathize with customers and understand their concerns deeply. These individuals can then make decisions that not only resolve issues but also make customers feel heard and cared for.

But hiring is only the first step. You must also empower your staff with the necessary training and tools. This will ensure they can handle customer inquiries with empathy and efficiency. A well-equipped team member can turn a negative customer experience into a positive one, reinforcing customer loyalty.

Empower team members with training and tools

Equipping your team members with comprehensive training and the right tools can significantly enhance their ability to provide exceptional customer service. To empower team members with training and tools, provide a thorough onboarding process. This can involve interactive sessions, real-life simulations, job shadowing, and one-on-one training. You'll find that well-trained staff members are more adept at anticipating customer needs and proactively addressing them.

In addition to training, ensure your staff members have access to effective tools and resources. An intuitive customer service software can be a game-changer, enabling your team to handle customer inquiries and issues more efficiently. Consider providing resources like video tutorials that allow your team to constantly improve their skills and knowledge.

Encourage generosity among team members

After setting your team up with the right training and tools, it's crucial to foster a culture of generosity and support within your ranks. Generosity isn't just about giving gifts; it's about sharing knowledge, resources, and skills. Encourage generosity among team members in these ways to enhance your exceptional customer service.

First, emphasize the importance of supporting and helping each other. Team members should feel comfortable seeking help and offering assistance. Collaboration fosters a strong, cohesive team, which translates to top-tier customer service.

Second, create opportunities for charitable activities or volunteer work. This not only encourages generosity but also builds camaraderie. Volunteering together can help your team members feel more connected and invested in each other.

Third, recognize and appreciate acts of kindness among your team. A simple thank you can go a long way in motivating your team to continue their generous behaviors.

Customer service tips by business type and industry

To deliver exceptional service, it's crucial for your business to tailor customer service strategies to the unique needs and expectations of your industry. Customer service tips by business type and industry can help you understand your customers better, and meet their specific needs effectively.

For instance, a retail business might focus on personalized emails to keep customers informed and engaged, while a tech company could prioritize prompt, expert support over the phone or via live chat. Study the examples of companies thriving in your industry to identify the best practices they utilize.

Remember, no two industries are the same, so what works for a restaurant mightn't work for a SaaS company. A deep understanding of your industry's nuances and trends can significantly impact customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Adapting your customer service to align with the expectations specific to your industry can help build stronger customer relationships. Focus on this aspect to make your customers feel valued, appreciated, and understood.

In the end, the goal is to make excellent customer service the norm, not the exception.

Make exceptional customer service your new standard

By prioritizing customer-centric policies and hiring empathetic problem-solvers, you're already setting the stage for exceptional customer service to become your new standard.

Like companies with exceptional customer service such as Trader Joe's and JetBlue, shift from reactive to proactive action. This improves customer relationships and creates a cohesive customer experience.

Empower your team members with thorough onboarding and intuitive customer service software. This enables them to deliver exceptional service, making it a new standard.

Give your support leaders a voice in decision-making. Use balanced metrics to assess support performance, ensuring that your customer service remains top-notch.


Now, let's move on to the concept of 'Explanation'.

You might wonder why it's a crucial element in providing exceptional customer service.

Well, it's about making complex ideas or processes clear and understandable to your customers, making them feel valued and well-informed.

The main title is formatted as to indicate its importance

In the realm of business, the main title's prominence underscores the critical role exceptional customer service plays in achieving success. It's not just about selling a product or service.

Companies with exceptional customer service understand the importance of going the extra mile for their customers. They recognize that providing top-notch customer service is an investment that pays off in customer loyalty and positive word of mouth. They hire empathetic staff, provide thorough training, and consistently aim to exceed customer expectations.

This article offers helpful tips to help you understand and implement this approach in your business. Remember, the importance of exceptional customer service can't be overstated – it's a key driver of business success.

The primary headings are formatted as to provide clear sections within the blog

Understanding the importance of exceptional customer service is just the first step; let's move on to how the blog's clear, sectioned headings can guide your approach to implementing these strategies in your own business.

The blog, '8 companies with exceptional customer service + helpful tips', is structured with primary headings that provide clear sections. These sections delineate various aspects of exceptional customer service, giving you a roadmap for your own customer service improvement journey.

For instance, one section may discuss Trader Joe's employee-centric approach, while another reveals JetBlue's culture of 'humanity'. These headings are like signposts, directing you to helpful tips and strategies.

This layout makes it easy to navigate, absorb, and apply the information to your own business.

The subheadings under each primary heading are formatted as

Peeling back the layers of each primary heading, you'll find subheadings that serve as guides, offering detailed explanations and deep dives into the various aspects of exceptional customer service.

These subheadings are crafted to provide a granular view of the principles that guide companies renowned for their customer service, like JetBlue and Trader Joe's. They're also numbered, like '106. Prioritize Customer Happiness' or 'Service Culture 101', to make navigation easier.

Each subheading zeroes in on a unique facet of customer service, allowing you to understand the various strategies these companies employ to keep customers satisfied. From prioritizing customer happiness to delivering personalized service, these subheadings act as a roadmap to exceptional customer service.


That's a wrap! Now you know what exceptional customer service looks like and why it's crucial to your business.

Remember, hire the right people, train them well, and promote a culture of generosity.

Whether you're Trader Joe's or a small start-up, providing superb customer service can set you apart.

So why wait? Start making exceptional customer service your new standard today.

It's time to redefine your customer experience and elevate your game.