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Best Shopify Speed optimization Apps

Updated : March 3, 2024 Reviewed By Mandy Oswold
AMP ‑ Accelerated Mobile Pages - Shopify App


( 535 )

Developed By : Shop Sheriff

Free | Start from : $99

Boost Your Shopify Store with AMP ‑ Shop Sheriff AMP Pages

AMP by Shop Sheriff is the ultimate solution to create AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) on Shopify, recommended by Google. These mobile-optimized pages are cached and pre-loaded by Google, ensuring instant loading and a significant boost in SEO for your online store. With AMP, you can improve page speed, pass mobile Core Web Vitals, and enhance your overall search engine rankings.

Key Features:

  • Create AMP pages for Home, Blogs, Collections, and Products effortlessly
  • Enjoy a powerful page-builder for customized AMP content
  • Integrate with dozens of features like Reviews, Tabs, and more
  • Pass mobile Core Web Vitals and enhance your SEO rankings
  • Choose from multiple themes for a visually appealing AMP experience
  • Benefit from up to 100% page speed improvement
  • Receive chat support for quick assistance
Booster: Page Speed Optimizer - Shopify App


( 1,268 )

Developed By : Booster SEO

Free | Start from : NULL

Boost Your Page Speed with Booster: Page Speed Optimizer

Enhance your online store’s loading speed and boost user experience with Booster: Page Speed Optimizer. This free Shopify app is designed to optimize your website pages, making them load almost instantly and improving your chances of conversion.

Key Features:

  • Popular with businesses like yours
  • Improves page speed on mobile, even on slower connections or older devices
  • Built natively for Shopify, fast & Online Store 2.0 compatible
  • Increases page speed in less than a minute with a no-code install process
  • 24/7 live chat human support for any questions or assistance
Crush: Speed & Image Optimizer - Shopify App


( 980 )

Developed By : Space Squirrel Ltd.

Free | Start from : $19.99

Crush: Speed & Image Optimizer

Boost your shop’s speed and enhance image SEO with Crush: Speed & Image Optimizer. This Shopify app reduces image file sizes, accelerates page loading times, and optimizes images for search engines. With Crush, you can effortlessly compress images, automate renaming, and improve your website’s overall performance.

Key Features:

  • Reduce image file sizes to speed up page loading times
  • Optimize images for SEO by renaming files and ALT tags
  • Choose between automatic and manual compression settings
  • Benefit from 30-day backup for peace of mind
  • Free plan available with 25MB of image compression
  • Micro, Pro, and Advanced plans for varying image size needs
  • All charges billed in USD with recurring 30-day billing cycles
  • Highly-rated app with a 4.8 overall rating based on 1,037 reviews
  • Developed by Space Squirrel Ltd., a trusted name in Shopify apps
fastshop: Optimize All Media! - Shopify App


( 19 )

Developed By : Videomagic

Free | Start from : $25

Fastshop: Optimize Your Shopify Store Media for Blazing Fast Load Times!

Fastshop is a revolutionary Shopify app that leverages AI/ML technology to optimize the images and videos on your online store, resulting in significantly faster load times and increased conversion rates. With a simple plug-and-play setup, Fastshop continuously monitors and optimizes your media as you add or change products, ensuring top-notch performance at all times.

Key Features:

  • Get blazing fast shop load times and boost conversion rates
  • Automatically detect and optimize all new media on your website
  • Clean and intuitive dashboard to monitor performance metrics
  • Weekly reports to keep you informed on optimization progress
  • Free plan available with automated optimization for up to 50 images per month
  • Pro plan for unlimited images and videos, with 30-day backup and restore options
Hyperspeed: Extreme Page Speed - Shopify App


( 202 )

Developed By : Rvere

Free | Start from : $49

Hyperspeed: Extreme Page Speed App

Boost your Shopify store’s performance with Hyperspeed: Extreme Page Speed. Our advanced speed optimizer is designed to make your store lightning-fast, improving Core Web Vitals, SEO, and conversions. Say goodbye to slow load times that drive customers away!

Key Features:

  • LazyLoad, critical CSS, and JS deferral for faster first load times
  • Unlimited image compression to enhance page speed
  • Reduction of third-party app impact on store speed
  • Automatic monitoring for new apps and images affecting speed
  • JS and CSS minification to make your site as compact as possible
  • Responsive images and Smart JS Defer for optimized performance
  • Preloading and app optimization for improved speed and efficiency
RT: Page Speed Booster - Shopify App


( 484 )

Developed By : RoarTheme

Free | Start from : $29.99

Boost Your Site Speed with RT: Page Speed Booster

RT: Page Speed Booster is a free Shopify app designed to enhance your website’s performance and improve user experience. Our app is popular with businesses like yours and is built for easy integration into your Shopify admin. By reducing waiting times for your shoppers, Page Speed Booster helps increase your site’s conversion rate.

Key Features:

  • Easy installation process for instant page speed improvement
  • Works with all Shopify themes, including customized ones
  • 625 reviews with an overall rating of 4.8 stars
  • Utilizes idle time to prefetch page contents, making your site’s pages instant
  • Improves conversion rate by reducing page latency
SearchPie: SEO Booster & Speed - Shopify App


( 3,285 )

Developed By : Secomapp

Free | Start from : $79

Transform Your Shopify Store with SearchPie: SEO Booster & Speed

Enhance your online visibility and boost your website speed effortlessly with SearchPie, a top-rated Shopify app designed to optimize your SEO performance. With a 4.9 rating and over 3,500 positive reviews, SearchPie is the go-to solution for businesses looking to improve their Google rankings and attract more customers to their online store.

Key Features:

  • Full SEO Report and Speed Analysis
  • Bulk Meta and ALT Tags Optimization
  • Sitemap Generation for Easy Navigation
  • Image Compression for Faster Loading Times
  • Customized Meta Tags and SEO URLs
  • AI Content Generator for Unique Product Descriptions
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for Mobile Optimization
  • Advanced JSON-LD Integration for Rich Snippets
  • 24/7 Livechat Support for Immediate Assistance
Speedster Page Speed Optimizer - Shopify App


( 96 )

Developed By : Crucial Commerce Apps

Free | Start from : $19.95

Boost Your Website Speed with Speedster Page Speed Optimizer

Speedster Page Speed Optimizer is a powerful Shopify app designed to enhance the loading speed of your website pages, helping you create a seamless user experience and boost your conversion rates. With a free plan available and a stellar rating of 4.6, this app is a must-have for any online store looking to optimize their pages for speed.

Key Features:

  • Improve page speed on mobile and older devices
  • No code installation process for quick results
  • Free Plan includes Page Speed Optimization
  • Pro Plan offers Complete SEO Optimization, Meta Tag Optimization, and Auto Pilot SEO Fixes
  • Fix Broken Links and Generate Google Snippets effortlessly
  • All charges billed in USD with recurring 30-day payments
Core Web Vitals Booster - Shopify App


( 62 )

Developed By : Speedien

Free | Start from : $9

Boost Your Store’s Speed with Core Web Vitals Booster

Enhance your store’s speed effortlessly with Core Web Vitals Booster, priced at just $9/month with a 7-day free trial. This app optimizes your store for improved page speed on both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring you meet Google’s core web vitals requirements without any coding required. By lazy-loading commonly used apps and analytics, Core Web Vitals Booster takes care of Facebook Pixel Speed Optimization, Klaviyo Speed Optimization, Google Analytics / Tag Manager Speed Optimization, Intelligent Javascript Loading for Shopify Apps, and Live Chat Optimization with just one click. Plus, enjoy 24×7 assistance for a seamless experience.

Key Features:

  • Automatically increases store speed on desktop and mobile devices
  • Improves Google’s core web vitals metrics, including LCP, FCP, and CLS
  • Easy uninstall button removes app code from your theme effortlessly
  • Pro Plan includes Google Analytics Optimization, Facebook Pixel Optimization, Klaviyo Optimization, 3rd Party App Speed Optimization, and Live Chat Optimization
SEOAnt ‑ Image Optimizer&Speed - Shopify App


( 105 )

Developed By : SEOAnt

Free | Start from : $19.99

SEOAnt Image Optimizer & Speed: Boost Your Website Performance

SEOAnt Image Optimizer & Speed is a powerful Shopify app designed to enhance your website’s performance by optimizing images for SEO and boosting loading speed. With a user-friendly interface and a range of features, this app is built to cater to your business needs directly from your Shopify admin.

Key Features:

  • Automatically optimize images for SEO without compromising quality
  • Auto-sync new images on products, collections, blogs, and assets
  • Edit Alt Text, File Name, and convert PNG to JPG for better image SEO
  • Add and customize watermarks to protect your brand
  • Preload pages to improve website speed and reduce page abandonment rates
We understand that picking the right Shopify app isn’t easy. Here are the top Shopify apps we discovered in our studies. We really hope you’ll find one of these perfect for your shop.

If you believe there’s a great app that should be on this list, please contact us via Contact Us Page. In the meantime, good luck with your growth!