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Best Shopify Recommended products Apps

Updated : March 3, 2024 Reviewed By Mandy Oswold
Candy Rack | All‑in‑One Upsell - Shopify App


( 213 )

Developed By : Digismoothie

Free | Start from : Free

Candy Rack | All‑in‑One Upsell for Shopify

Boost your sales effortlessly with Candy Rack, the all-in-one upsell app designed for Shopify. Elevate your store’s revenue potential by seamlessly integrating upselling and cross-selling functionalities to enhance the customer shopping experience.

Key Features:

  • 4 Upsell Placements: Add to cart, checkout, post-purchase, and thank you page
  • Smart Auto-Upsell: AI-powered recommendations for relevant offers with one click
  • Mobile-first Design: Optimized for a seamless mobile experience
  • Performance: Ensures fast load times without slowing down your store
  • Customizations: Easily adjust content and design to match your brand
GLO Related Products, Upsell - Shopify App


( 386 )

Developed By : Globo

Free | Start from : $9.90

GLO Related Products, Upsell: Boost Your Sales with Smart Recommendations

Enhance your Shopify store’s performance with GLO Related Products, Upsell app. This powerful tool allows you to showcase related items, upsell products, and increase your average order value effortlessly. With a user-friendly interface and customizable options, this app is a game-changer for boosting sales and enhancing customer experience.

Key Features:

  • Display frequently bought together, manual recommendations, and related products by tags, vendor, type, or collection
  • Show recommendations on cart, checkout, and thank you pages
  • Offer automatic discounts for related product purchases
  • Choose from 3 styles (Amazon, line, grid) for frequently bought together products
  • Personalized product recommendations and recently viewed items
  • In Cart Upsell: Display highly relevant products with discounts
  • Thank You Page Upsell: Showcase related products for additional purchases
Rebuy Personalization Engine - Shopify App


( 452 )

Developed By : Rebuy

Free | Start from : $499

Boost Sales with Rebuy Personalization Engine

Unlock the potential of personalized shopping experiences with Rebuy Personalization Engine. This industry-leading AI-powered platform is designed to enhance customer journeys from start to finish, increasing conversions and revenue for your Shopify store.

Key Features:

  • End-to-end personalization with AI/ML technology
  • Customizable merchandising rules and A/B/n testing
  • Smart Cart for AI-powered upsells, cross-sells, and recommendations
  • Data-fueled product recommendations in checkout
  • Post-Purchase offers and Re-Order Landing Pages for customer engagement
  • Seamless integration with popular apps like Checkout, Klaviyo, Recharge, and more
SellUp ‑ Upsell & Add ons - Shopify App


( 152 )

Developed By : LAUNCHTIP

Free | Start from : $14.99

SellUp ‑ Upsell & Add ons: Boost Your Revenue with Precision Upselling

Drive more revenue with cross-sells, upsells, product add-ons, and recommendations for your store with SellUp. This app, popular with businesses like yours and based in the United States, is designed to maximize your revenue potential by offering bold, precision-based upsell strategies throughout your customer’s journey.

Key Features:

  • Create cross-sells, upsells, and add-ons to increase revenue across your store
  • Offer add-ons and upsells throughout the customer journey
  • Create One-Click Upsells in just 60 seconds to sell more
  • Create a frequently bought together section to increase average order value
  • Track the performance of your offers using the analytics suite
Also Bought • Related products - Shopify App


( 764 )

Developed By : Code Black Belt

Free | Start from : $9.99

Boost Sales with Also Bought • Related Products Shopify App

Also Bought • Related Products is a cutting-edge Shopify app designed to enhance your online store’s performance. Launched in 2016 by Code Black Belt, this app utilizes advanced AI technology to offer personalized product recommendations based on customers’ purchase history.

Key Features:

  • Customizable UI for easy text, color, size, and style adjustments
  • Various recommendation types: automatic, manual, by type, by collection, etc.
  • One-click install and seamless integration with popular themes
  • Displays recommendations on both product and cart pages
  • Unlimited number of products, orders, and traffic for a flat monthly rate of $9.99
  • Efficient and knowledgeable customer support
Cross Sell & Cart Upsell - Shopify App


( 933 )

Developed By : Cross Sell

Free | Start from : $59

Cross Sell & Upsell App for Shopify: Boost Your Sales with Tailored Recommendations

Enhance your e-commerce store’s revenue potential with the Cross Sell & Upsell app by SSC. This user-friendly app, available on a free plan with a 14-day trial, boasts a stellar 4.9 rating from 956 reviews. Launched in 2015, this app is designed to seamlessly integrate into your Shopify admin and works effortlessly with the latest themes.

Key Features:

  • Drive sales through personalized Cross Sell, Upsell, and Bundle recommendations
  • Display cross sells in 8 strategic locations across your store
  • Choose products manually or based on sales history, orders, and collections
  • Enhance the shopping experience with add-ons, bundles, and “complete the look” items
  • Customize the integration to match your brand’s style
  • Display tailored recommendations on Product Pages, Cart Pages, and more
  • Utilize auto-generated smart suggestions for Upsells and Upsell Pop-ups
  • Add QuickView buttons and Quantity discounted Bundles
  • Upgrade for additional cross-sell options and locations beyond the standard 8
LimeSpot Personalizer - Shopify App


( 1,541 )

Developed By : LimeSpot

Free | Start from : Free to install

LimeSpot Personalizer: Boost Sales with Personalized Recommendations

Enhance your ecommerce store’s performance with LimeSpot Personalizer. This intelligent data-driven platform offers personalized product recommendations, upselling, cross-selling, and more to optimize customer engagement and increase conversion rates.

Key Features:

  • Include product recommendations on any page, from cart to checkout
  • Create segments based on browsing patterns, referrals, and more
  • Present real-time personalized content for different audiences
  • Automate merchandising for enhanced product discovery and cross-sells
Shop Quiz: Product Recommender - Shopify App


( 231 )

Developed By : RevenueHunt

Free | Start from : $99

Shop Quiz: Product Recommender

Transform your online store into a personalized shopping journey with Shop Quiz: Product Recommender. This innovative app guides your online shoppers through tailored questions, assesses their responses, and suggests the perfect products. By collecting zero-party data, segmenting leads, and gathering valuable insights, you can craft high-ROI marketing campaigns and drive sales.

Key Features:

  • Interactive product recommendation and video quizzes
  • Collect zero-party data to personalize customer experiences
  • Segment and tag shoppers based on their responses
  • Integrate data into mailing lists or CRM for personalized campaigns
  • Customize quiz design with images, fonts, layout, and custom CSS
  • Zoom support and instant catalogue sync in Basic Plan
  • Dedicated Account Manager and quarterly strategy review in Pro Plan

Vimotia Shoppable Videos & UGC - Shopify App


( 137 )

Developed By : Hextom

Free | Start from : $49.99

Vimotia Shoppable Videos & UGC: Boost Sales with Interactive Video Shopping

Enhance your online store with Vimotia Shoppable Videos & UGC, a cutting-edge app designed to revolutionize your customers’ shopping experience. With features inspired by TikTok, this app allows your customers to purchase products seamlessly while watching engaging product videos on your website.

Key Features:

  • Import videos & social feeds from AliExpress, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and more
  • In-App video editor for trimming, cutting, resizing, adding music, subtitles, and more
  • Drag and drop functionality to easily add videos and galleries to any page without coding
  • Customizable players for mobile & desktop with Picture-in-Picture play
  • Add buy buttons, product details, discount offers, and more to make videos shoppable
Zoorix: Product Bundles - Shopify App


( 538 )

Developed By : Zoorix

Free | Start from : $29.99

Zoorix Bundle Kit & Cross Sell: Boost Your Sales with Smart Bundling and Cross-Selling

Enhance your e-commerce sales with Zoorix Bundle Kit & Cross Sell, a user-friendly Shopify app designed to increase your average order value and conversion rates. Whether you’re a new or established business, our app offers a range of customizable features to help you create enticing bundle promotions and cross-sell offers.

Key Features:

  • Upsell bundles to Boost AOV with tiered discounts and pricing
  • Multiple offer types for increased conversion rates
  • AI product recommendations for personalized suggestions
  • Cart upsell and quantity breaks for better sales
  • Mix and match bundles for versatile promotions
We understand that picking the right Shopify app isn’t easy. Here are the top Shopify apps we discovered in our studies. We really hope you’ll find one of these perfect for your shop.

If you believe there’s a great app that should be on this list, please contact us via Contact Us Page. In the meantime, good luck with your growth!