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Best Shopify Cart modification Apps

Updated : March 3, 2024 Reviewed By Mandy Oswold
All‑in‑One Discount On Cart - Shopify App


( 224 )

Developed By : Shop Doctors 🏆

Free | Start from : $19.99

All-in-One Discount On Cart

Enhance your Shopify store’s shopping experience with the All-in-One Discount On Cart app. This powerful tool allows you to offer discounts, stack coupons, and promote free shipping directly on the cart page, leading to increased conversions and average order value.

Key Features:

  • Accept Discount Codes on Cart – Show savings early to boost conversion rates
  • Stack Discounts On Cart – Control which coupon codes can be stacked
  • Multiple Automatic Discounts – Allow customers to stack discounts without manual input
  • Promote Free Shipping Tier – Encourage customers to reach free shipping threshold
  • Discount Code Promotion Widget – Display available codes to customers sitewide
Cartly Cart Drawer Upsell Cart - Shopify App


( 200 )

Developed By : Cronics OU

Free | Start from : Free to install

Cartly Slide Cart Drawer: Free Plan Available | 7-Day Free Trial | Rating (4.8) | 206 Reviews

Cartly Slide Cart Drawer is a professional cart modification app built for Shopify, designed to enhance conversion rates and average order value. Developed by CRO experts, this industry-leading cart drawer allows for upselling, cross-selling, and offering payment installment options to customers. With a flexible sticky ATC (fixed cart) feature and a one-step checkout button, Cartly Slide Cart Drawer aims to streamline the checkout process and boost sales.

Key Features:

  • Professional slide cart upsell app with terms checkbox
  • Add to cart sticky bar or one-page checkout button to increase cart page conversion rate
  • Turn the Buy button into Skip to Checkout for a faster checkout process
  • Upsell visitors with cart drawer upsells, either manual or AI recommendations
  • Offer payment installment options like Affirm, Klarna, and AfterPay to customers
  • Display the I agree to terms checkbox for payment processor requirements
  • Flexible sticky ATC feature to lead customers directly to the one-page checkout
  • Enhance the quick buy button flow with a one-step checkout button
Essential Free Shipping Upsell - Shopify App


( 274 )

Developed By : Essential Apps

Free | Start from : $29.99

Boost Sales with Essential Free Shipping Upsell for Shopify

Essential Free Shipping Upsell is a must-have Shopify app designed to help businesses increase profits by incentivizing customers to reach a cart goal value through a free shipping progress bar. This user-friendly app offers upselling and cross-selling features that can significantly enhance the average order value and overall sales.

Key Features:

  • Placed Anywhere: Easily place progress bar on product pages, cart page, cart drawer, or top/bottom of any page
  • Boosts Average Order Value: Sell more by adding product upsells & cross-sells
  • Revenue-Oriented: Track additional revenue generated with precise analytics
  • Highly Customizable: Customize cart goal progress bar with pre-made styles or create your own
  • Extras: Multi-language support, different currency options, and compatibility with Online Store 2.0 themes
Globo Sticky Add To Cart - Shopify App


( 146 )

Developed By : Globo

Free | Start from : $19.99

Boost Sales with Globo Sticky Add To Cart App for Shopify

Make shopping easier for your customers and increase conversions with the Globo Sticky Add To Cart app. This free app adds a customizable button to every product page, allowing customers to quickly add items to their cart and checkout with ease. No coding skills are required – simply click to install on any store theme.

Key Features:

  • 7 different sticky “Add to Cart” templates
  • Skip the cart: Send customers to checkout fast
  • Boost conversions with a Sticky Add-to-Cart button visible on every product
  • Easily Sticky add to cart on any device – the button is always visible
  • Customize the Sticky Cart to match your store’s branding
TnC: Terms and Conditions Box - Shopify App


( 511 )

Developed By : Effective Apps

Free | Start from : Free to install

TnC: Terms and Conditions Box – Easy Checkout Policy Compliance

Streamline your online store’s checkout process with TnC: Terms and Conditions Box. This user-friendly Shopify app allows you to add a terms and conditions checkbox to your store in just one click, ensuring that customers agree to your policies before completing their purchase. Developed by Effective Apps, TnC is popular among businesses like yours and is designed to provide a seamless user experience.

Key Features:

  • Quick and easy installation with just one click
  • Add a checkbox for terms of use, shipping policy, EULA, and more
  • Supports express checkout payment gateways like PayPal and Apple Pay
  • Track customer acceptance of terms with timestamps for security
  • Customize checkbox display for specific products or countries
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing plan for cost-effective usage
Keeper—Recover Abandoned Carts - Shopify App


( 506 )

Developed By : Marsello

Free | Start from : NULL

Keeper—Recover Abandoned Carts

Increase sales and recover abandoned carts effortlessly with Keeper. This Shopify app allows customers to seamlessly resume their shopping experience across multiple devices, leading to higher conversion rates and revenue for your store. Simply install Keeper and watch as it automatically retrieves abandoned carts, making it convenient for customers to complete their orders.

Key Features:

  • Reduce abandoned shopping carts and boost orders to increase revenue
  • Set it and forget it with automatic cart recovery
  • Enhance the shopping experience by allowing customers to shop across multiple devices
RT: Terms and Conditions Box - Shopify App


( 383 )

Developed By : RoarTheme

Free | Start from : NULL

Terms and Conditions Checkbox App for Shopify

Enhance your Shopify store’s security and protect your business with the RT: Terms and Conditions Box app. This user-friendly tool allows you to add a terms and conditions checkbox to your cart page, ensuring that customers acknowledge and agree to your rules before proceeding to checkout.

Key Features:

  • Quick and Easy Setup: Easily add a terms and conditions checkbox to your cart page with just a few clicks.
  • Customizable Alerts: Create customized alerts to notify customers if they forget to tick the checkbox before checkout.
  • Order Details Tracking: The app automatically adds the date and time of agreement to the order details for reference.
  • Visualization Tools: Choose where to display the checkbox on your cart page for optimal visibility.
  • Varied Skins and Animations: Select from a range of skins and animations to attract and engage your customers.
Sticky Add To Cart BOOSTER PRO - Shopify App


( 1,599 )

Developed By : Codeinero

Free | Start from : $39.99

Boost Cart Conversions with Sticky Add To Cart Booster Pro

Maximize the conversions on your Shopify store with Sticky Add To Cart Booster Pro. Keep your ‘Add to Cart’ option always visible, reducing cart abandonment and increasing cart conversions. Quick Buy Buttons enable swift purchases directly from product pages, while the Sticky Checkout Bar provides an immediate cart overview for enhanced user experience. With the Ajax Cart Slider, upsell and cross-sell additional products to shoppers, increasing average order values.

Key Features:

  • Add a Sticky Cart Bar to any part of the page for faster and easier checkout
  • Sticky Cart Icons always visible on pages for quicker checkout
  • Quick Buy Button allows shoppers to make purchases on product pages
  • Upsell and cross-sell product offers using the Ajax Cart Slider
Termzy ‑ I Agree To Terms - Shopify App


( 352 )

Developed By : Tech Dignity (Centous)

Free | Start from : $2.99

Termzy – Terms and Conditions Checkbox App for Shopify

Termzy is a must-have Shopify app designed to streamline the checkout process by adding a Terms and Conditions checkbox. This vital feature ensures that customers accept your store’s policies before making a purchase, enhancing trust and reducing disputes.

Key Features:

  • Easy one-click setup without any hassle
  • Terms and Conditions checkbox above the checkout button
  • Date and time stamp of customer agreement
  • Customizable display on Login, Register, and Contact pages
  • Support for multiple languages with inbuilt translations
  • Option to set the checkbox as default
  • Show checkbox for specific countries and products
  • Integration with additional checkout buttons like PayPal, GPay, and Apple Pay
  • Fast loading speed for seamless user experience
  • Discount on yearly plan subscription
  • Professional plan for advanced customization options
  • Recurring billing in USD every 30 days
UpCart—Cart Drawer Cart Upsell - Shopify App


( 334 )

Developed By : AfterSell

Free | Start from : $34.99

Boost Your Shopify Store with UpCart—Cart Drawer Cart Upsell

UpCart is a powerful Shopify app designed to enhance your online store’s cart experience and drive sales. With a user-friendly interface and customizable features, UpCart allows you to create a custom, on-brand slide cart with upsells and add-ons to boost your Average Order Value (AOV). Developed by AfterSell by Rokt, UpCart is built to meet Shopify’s highest quality standards for speed, ease of use, and merchant value.

Key Features:

  • Create a custom, on-brand slide cart with upsells and add-ons
  • Increase AOV with in-cart upselling and cross-selling blocks
  • Show free shipping or discount promotion bars to incentivize additional purchases
  • Enhance customer experience with cart announcements and sticky cart buttons
  • Add a shipping insurance or other products as an optional add-on
We understand that picking the right Shopify app isn’t easy. Here are the top Shopify apps we discovered in our studies. We really hope you’ll find one of these perfect for your shop.

If you believe there’s a great app that should be on this list, please contact us via Contact Us Page. In the meantime, good luck with your growth!