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Best Shopify Audio player Apps

Updated : March 3, 2024 Reviewed By Mandy Oswold
Box Music ‑ Background Music - Shopify App


( 11 )

Developed By : Tech Dignity (Centous)

Free | Start from : $1.99

Enhance Your Online Store with Box Music – Background Music App

Box Music is the ultimate solution for adding custom background music to your Shopify store. Create a unique atmosphere that resonates with your brand and captivates your customers. Whether it’s for a special occasion or daily use, Box Music offers a seamless way to enhance customer interactions and boost sales.

Key Features:

  • Set background music for your entire store with just one click
  • Choose from a vast library of songs or upload your own music
  • Select icon combinations and colors to match your brand aesthetic
  • Customize music based on specific genres like Romantic or Horror
  • Easy setup for Theme 2.0 on any page
Common Ninja Audio Player - Shopify App


( 2 )

Developed By : Common Ninja

Free | Start from : $15

Common Ninja Audio Player – Enhance Your Store with Music

Common Ninja’s Audio Player app is a versatile tool designed to help you add audio and music to your Shopify store effortlessly. Whether you want to enrich your content, promote projects, or enhance user experience, this app has you covered.

Key Features:

  • Multiple audio sources: Easily add MP3s or links from various audio and video hosting platforms
  • Shuffle feature: Allow users to listen to your audio in random order
  • Playlist and Minimal display: Customize the player to match your store’s style
  • Multiple Skins & Layouts: Choose from a variety of beautifully designed templates
  • Fully responsive: Looks great on any device, desktop, or mobile
Easy Background Music ‑ Musica - Shopify App


( 52 )

Developed By : BirdChime

Free | Start from : NULL

Easy Background Music – Musica

Easy Background Music – Musica is a free Shopify app that allows you to quickly add background music to your store, enhancing the overall customer experience. With a user-friendly interface and seamless integration with your Shopify dashboard and theme, this app helps you set the mood for different seasons or events with relevant music.

Key Features:

  • Customize your store’s ambiance with soothing background music
  • Enhance customer experience and increase sales with captivating tunes
  • Live preview of the music player for easy configuration
  • Sync music between tabs for a seamless browsing experience
ES Background Music Player - Shopify App


( 5 )

Developed By : Elfsight

Free | Start from : $5.99

Enhance Your Website with ES Background Music Player

ES Background Music Player is a versatile Shopify app that allows you to add customizable audio tracks directly to your website pages. With a user-friendly interface and a range of features, this tool is perfect for creating an engaging user experience.

Key Features:

  • Featured images gallery and more
  • Built for your business with easy integration into Shopify admin
  • Diversify your website content with a customizable player
  • Unlimited tracks playlist with customizable player controls
  • Light and dark themes for a seamless integration with your site’s style
  • Mobile-ready design with no coding required
Podcast Player by Elfsight - Shopify App


( 3 )

Developed By : Elfsight

Free | Start from : $5.99

Enhance Your Website with Elfsight Podcast Player

Elfsight Podcast Player is a user-friendly Shopify app that allows you to easily integrate a podcast player into your website. With a 7-day free trial and a low monthly cost of $5.99, this customizable tool lets you entertain and engage your visitors with your favorite podcasts.

Key Features:

  • Flexible placement options to suit your website’s design
  • Customizable player controls for a personalized touch
  • Light and dark theme options for seamless integration
  • Mobile-ready design for on-the-go listening
  • No coding required for effortless implementation
Widgetic (Audio Players) - Shopify App


( 21 )

Developed By : Widgetic

Free | Start from : $6.99

Enhance Your Online Shop with Widgetic Audio Players

Widgetic Audio Players is a must-have app for businesses selling audio products. This app allows your customers to preview audio tracks seamlessly, boosting engagement and ultimately driving sales. With easy playlist creation and customization options, Widgetic Audio Players is the perfect tool to provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Key Features:

  • Choose from 6 distinct audio players
  • Customize the UI to match your site with a visual editor
  • Create and manage playlists effortlessly
  • Preview tracks before purchase to enhance the shopping experience
  • Free plan available with 1GB storage and 25MB/file max
  • Premium plan at $6.99/month or $67/year for additional features
  • Remove branding, add unlimited items, and edit layout structure with premium plan
  • Technical support available for premium plan users
MX: Background Music Player - Shopify App


( 75 )

Developed By : Effective Apps

Free | Start from : Free to install

Enhance Your Store with MX Background Music Player

Add a touch of ambiance to your online store with MX Background Music Player. This Shopify app allows you to play a song of your choice in the background, creating a welcoming atmosphere for your customers while they shop. Celebrate holidays and special occasions with customizable music options that can boost customer engagement and improve conversion rates.

Key Features:

  • One-click background music integration for your store
  • Choose from holiday royalty-free songs or use your own from YouTube or Spotify
  • TikTok mode provides insights on trending TikTok songs for your store
  • Customizable design options for color, size, location, loop, and autoplay
  • Access to popular music streaming platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and more
Music Player by Websyms - Shopify App


( 39 )

Developed By : Websyms IT Solutions

Free | Start from : $4.99

Music Player by Websyms: Enhance Your Store with Customizable Music Playlists

Elevate your online store’s experience with the Music Player by Websyms. This app allows you to effortlessly create and customize music playlists for your products and pages, engaging your customers in a whole new way.

Key Features:

  • Create unlimited playlists with unlimited songs for each product and page
  • Easily change the music player theme to match your store’s aesthetic
  • Customize color combinations to suit your branding
  • Autoplay music and shuffle songs for a seamless listening experience
Osaria Audio Player - Shopify App


( 16 )

Developed By : Osaria

Free | Start from : $3.99

Osaria Audio Player: Enhance Your Online Store with Custom Audio Experiences

Elevate your e-commerce game with Osaria Audio Player, a user-friendly Shopify app designed to showcase audio products like music, vinyls, sound bites, and music templates. With a 15-day free trial and a low monthly cost of $3.99, you can now effortlessly add an audio player to each product on your homepage and product pages, allowing customers to preview your offerings before making a purchase.

Key Features:

  • Featured images gallery for a visually appealing storefront
  • Easy integration into Shopify admin for seamless use
  • Works with the latest themes for a modern and cohesive look
  • Upload audio files directly from your computer
  • Place the audio player anywhere on your theme with a simple snippet
Radio Player - Shopify App

( 5 )

Developed By : Elfsight

Free | Start from : $5.99

Enhance Your Website with Elfsight Radio Player App

Introducing the Radio Player by Elfsight, a user-friendly Shopify app that allows you to stream radio stations directly on your website. With a customizable player that can be easily integrated into your site, you can entertain your visitors with their favorite tunes while enhancing the overall user experience.

Key Features:

  • Featured images gallery
  • Built for your business
  • Allow people to listen to their favorite radio stations on your website
  • Highly customizable player with options to change position, size, background color, and more
  • Display covers and toggle player parts like title and status
  • Upload unlimited stations to keep users engaged
  • Mobile-ready and easy to use with no coding required
We understand that picking the right Shopify app isn’t easy. Here are the top Shopify apps we discovered in our studies. We really hope you’ll find one of these perfect for your shop.

If you believe there’s a great app that should be on this list, please contact us via Contact Us Page. In the meantime, good luck with your growth!