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DeskuBots are automatically adapted to the needs of customers with the help of artificial intelligence algorithms.


AI-powered customer service

Using Artificial Intelligence, Deskubot helps you better engage customers, support them, and sell.

Natural Language Processing

Utilize NLP algorithms to interpret and tailor human speech.

Machine Learning

Deskubot analyzes user input to continuously improve performance.


Quickly find the right answers

In addition to machine learning algorithms, Deskubot uses keywords to match your questions with responses.

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Conversing naturally

Your chatbot will seem natural to your customers with Deskubot Recipes’ logical conversation structures.


Become better with each chat

With less than a click, Deskubot saves all unrecognized phrases as possible additions to your Story.

Your smart business companion: DeskuBots

In your Story, entities help chatbots capture and validate data important for your products, locations, and services.


To stay in touch with your customers, ensure they entered the correct email address.

Phone number

You'll never miss a lead again when the Deskubot validates phone numbers entered by users.

User entities

Create a custom entity based on your company's product list or any other information you desire.

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