Relationship-building data

Data leads to a better user experience. DeskuBots reports provide valuable insights.


Take your business to the next level with data

Deskubots provides reliable reports to track and optimize the performance of your Deskubots. Based on real data, make your business decisions.



Analytics for DeskuBots can help you make better decisions

See humans behind numbers

Build relationships with those who talk to your DeskuBots

Each user has a dedicated profile

Every user is automatically saved to the Users database by DeskuBots. Detailed information about the user and their chats can be viewed.

Assign users to segments

Your automated chat can be the start of a valuable relationship with your customers. Create custom groups for your next marketing campaign.

Utilize past chats to improve customer experience

Archives provide valuable information about your DeskuBots’ past conversations. Build better DeskuBots stories and improve customer satisfaction with this knowledge.

Analyze chats

Check collected data and examine failed actions during the chat.

Get context

All archives are linked to Users, so you can see every conversation in context.

Learn from mistakes

Improve your DeskuBots story by discovering its weak points.

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