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Create conversational Deskubots without coding with an all-in-one platform.


Boost Your Marketing Efforts


Boost Your Sales

Enhance Your Support Services

Empowering companies to stand out with customer experience

As a result of using Desku & Deskubots for our restaurant, we saw a 300% increase in online orders and it was easy to get started. We are now implementing Deskubots for our other restaurants and hotels.

John Christan

Founder of Clothing Brand

Deskubots has helped us reduce customer queries by almost 50%. It’s so easy to create flows with just a few clicks.

Selena Aron

Makeup Brand

Templates, to get you started

Use our templates to build your first Deskubot. Create your own chatbots in minutes by customizing them to fit your business needs.


Basic FAQ

Email OTP - In Request

NPS Survey - General

NPS Survey - General

Lead Generation for Marke...

Lead Generation

Birthday Invite Chatbot

Birthday Invite Chatbot

Purchase Order Request Form

Purchase Order Request Form

Doctor’s Feedback Chatbot


Music Discovery Chatbot

Enhance Your Business Growth at Every Stage

You can gain a competitive edge with Deskubots, whether you’re a growing company or a market leader.

Growing companies

Companies in Growth

Shorten wait times and provide round-the-clock customer service.

Improve Your Customer Service

Well-established businesses

Well-Established Business

Improve team efficiency by handling the high volume of requests quickly.

Accelerate Growth

Provide customers with a memorable experience

With Deskubots, you can delight your customers at every step of the buying process.


It is important to build, test, and refine

With Deskubots Visual Builder, you can create perfect AI Deskubots quickly and without coding. Create engaging Deskubots Stories by dragging and dropping conversational elements.

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To Succeed Faster, Team Up!

There are different talents among the members of your team. With Deskubots, your team can collaborate to create a perfect customer experience.

Communicate Across Channels

Your customers want to communicate with you through their preferred channels. You should integrate Deskubots with multiple platforms in order to ensure that you are available to your customers.


For website

Proactively engage website visitors.

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Improve customer satisfaction by supporting them 24/7.
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Connect with Messenger users in real time.

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Enhance Your Business Growth at Every Stage

Integrate Deskubots with your existing marketing, analytics, and growth tools. Spend more time focusing on what matters by streamlining repetitive tasks.


Support for Products and Accounts

We will assist you with Deskubots implementation and customization throughout the entire process.

Build Your First Chatbot with Ease

Product and account support

What is a Deskubots?

Deskubot is a no-code, user-friendly AI chatbot software that optimizes business operations and customer engagement.

It easily integrates with social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, automating workflows for efficiency.

<b>Try Deskubot for a cost-effective boost to your customer service.</b>

Deskubots Automate Customer Service with Artificial Intelligence